It Must Be a Myth

Thur.  11/21/2250 – By Kayla Salmon.

It was a Thursday. Thursday, named after the Norse god, Thor. Thor, who she knew through her research of art history; Gods were common topics of art. Art, her love of which stemmed from her father, as her father was a professional artist and always loved to see how the skill was passed through the centuries. How beautiful it could be.

While she was not a “daddy’s girl,” Aelita and her sister Gwen had always had a close relationship with their father, something much warmer and kinder than what they had with their mother. That wasn’t to say they didn’t have a relationship with their mother, but Lucielle was a strong woman, head of the Rede household and the head of her own company, with a high view of her daughters and how they should act and represent the Rede family. So when the girls were starved for attention their mother didn’t know how to give, they found refuge with their father. They’d curl up in their father’s elaborate workshop and watch him work. His paintings were grand and elegant, like watching an old master at work, and often many of his pieces were centered around mythology.

The first text was received in her third period French class. Dad fell off his bike. In the hospital, don’t worry. And she didn’t. Like Aelita, her father was a hemophiliac and even minor injuries resulted in hospital stays. Usually only for a day, maybe two, and then he was back home making jokes about how clumsy he was and painting in his studio again. Aelita sent her mom a text and asked if she should come home, but she was assured that it wasn’t necessary to miss school. Her mother asked her to not tell her sister, since she had a test the next day, and Aelita obliged.

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Text: Lucielle to Aelita

Thur. 11/21/2250

Lucielle Rede 12:54 PM: Dad fell off his bike. In the hospital, don’t worry.
Aelita Rede 1:03 PM: I’m in class right now, should I come up after school?
Lucielle Rede 1:10 PM: No, you can come up tomorrow afternoon for the weekend if he’s still in, but it’s just standard procedure.
Aelita Rede 1:11 PM: Have you told Gwen?
Lucielle Rede 1:15 PM: No need to worry her. She has a test to focus on tomorrow.
Lucielle Rede 5:30 PM: He’s lost a lot of blood. Expected to be in the hospital for awhile. Your grandmother went home to get him some things for his stay.
Aelita Rede 5:35 PM: Give him a hug from me!
Lucielle Rede 6:20 PM: You should give him a call
Aelita Rede 6:40 PM: You said he was about to get another infusion, did it take?
Lucielle Rede 6:58 PM: No.
Aelita Rede 6:59 PM: What’s going on? I’m going to come up there.
Lucielle Rede 7:03 PM: No, you don’t need to. Stay at school.
Aelita Rede 7:40 PM: You’re not giving me updates. Have they given him any factor yet? How’s the binding working? Did they try another infusion?
Lucielle Rede 8:00 PM: You know they can’t give him too much at once. They’re doing all they can, it’s going to be fine. Don’t worry about it.
Aelita Rede 8:02 PM: I’m worrying, he sounded weak on the phone when I called. Answer your phone, he won’t.
Lucielle Rede 8:05 PM: He’s taking a nap right now, he needs to regain his strength.
Aelita Rede 8:10 PM: Is he awake yet?
Aelita Rede 8:30 PM: Mom, pick up or tell me what’s going on or I’m going to come up there. I don’t want to worry Gwen but if this is serious we need to come up there.
Aelita Rede 9:24 PM: You’re freaking me out, Mom.
Aelita Rede 10:14 PM: Seriously what the hell
Aelita Rede 10:16 PM: If you don’t pick up or text me back his vitals in an hour, I’m waking Gwen up and coming up there.
Aelita Rede 10:47 PM: Half an hour left, just pick up the goddamn phone.
Lucielle Rede 11:53 PM: Don’t come up here.
Lucielle Rede 11:57 PM: He’s dead.

Text: ??? to Ross

Tues. 11/19/2250

Unknown Number 10:40 AM: Sorry, everything’s fine. Anyway, I was headed up to Milwaukee to check out a range.
Unknown Number 10:41 AM: What’re you doing this weekend 😉
Ross Blackhall 10:43 AM: Nothing much baby, hbu? :*
Unknown Number 10:43 AM: Just gettin target practice, interested?
Ross Blackhall 10:44 AM: It depends what kind, the lead kind or the sperm kind?
Unknown Number 10:46 AM: Bring the latex and I’ll bring the game
Ross Blackhall 10:47 AM: Hot damn, bring it on
Unknown Number 10:50 AM: Where you wanna head 😉
Ross Blackhall 10:50 AM: Probably should get a place in Milwaukee and test out the beds
Unknown Number 10:52 AM: Kinky or nah? I have a few things
Ross Blackhall 10:53 AM: Kinky all the way, I’ll bring my gear
Unknown Number 10:55 AM: I’ve got the ball and chains
Ross Blackhall 10:58 AM: I’ve got the whips and leather
Unknown Number 11:05 AM: Jesus christ Blackhall do you even know who the hell this is
Ross Blackhall 11:06 AM: Hey now, you’re the one who texted me with your saucy winky face
Unknown Number 11:08 AM: I thought you were someone else, but honestly you were just going to screw someone you didn’t know? I could be a student
Ross Blackhall 11:09 AM: That went from 11 to 0 real fucking quick
Ross Blackhall 11:09 AM: It’s perfectly normal to have a healthy sex drive
Unknown Number 11:10 AM: dont ever talk to me again
Ross Blackhall 11:11 AM: Wow rude much
Ross Blackhall 11:11 AM: Need I remind you that you messaged me first

Text: Adrian to Rhea

Tue. 11/19/2250

Adrian Calver 10:01 AM: Good morning, Rhea; how are you doing today?
Rhea Vander 10:16 AM: I’m good, how’d you get my number?
Adrian Calver 10:18 AM: Marius gave it to me. I hope that’s okay? I had no other way to get in touch with you.
Rhea Vander 10:22 AM: That’s fine :). What’s up?
Adrian Calver 10:25 AM: Oh, nothing, just wanted to see how you were doing… If you were doing anything this weekend?
Rhea Vander 10:30 AM: Nothing much, I was thinking about heading up to Milwaukee.
Adrian Calver 10:32 AM: Oh- okay then. Can I ask what you’re going there for?
Rhea Vander 10:36 AM: You still owe me from Brazil, you would have been killed. Just tell me if you’ve heard anything.
Rhea Vander 10:37 AM: Shit sorry wrong person
Adrian Calver 10:39 AM: Um. Is everything okay?
Adrian Calver 10:59 AM: Are you still there?
Rhea Vander 11:00 AM: Sorry, everything’s fine. ANyway, I was headed up to Milwaukee to check out a range.
Rhea Vander 11:01 AM: What’re you doing this weekend 😉
Adrian Calver 11:05 AM: For… golfing? That’s a long way to go for golf, isn’t it?
Adrian Calver 11:07 AM: I’m not really doing anything… just hanging around the school.
Rhea Vander 11:10 AM: Oh no, shooting range. I can’t golf to save my life
Rhea Vander 11:11 AM: That’s lonely 😦
Adrian Calver 11:15 AM: Oh, I see. That’s interesting. And not really- I’m kinda used to it.
Rhea Vander 11:18 AM: Ever shot before?
Adrian Calver 11:20 AM: No, never. Are you… inviting me? I don’t know how good I’d be.
Rhea Vander 11:25 AM: If you have nothing else to do, I have an open seat :). Just something to do if you’d like to ❤
Adrian Calver 11:30 AM: Uhh- okay? I mean, if you’re alright with me coming along.
Rhea Vander 11:33 AM: Of course 🙂 I’ve taught plenty to shoot before!
Adrian Calver 11:36 AM: Okay, sure! And hey- maybe afterwards
Adrian Calver 11:37 AM: I’ve been meaning to visit my grandparents, maybe you’d like to come with?
Rhea Vander 11:40 AM: Oh
Rhea Vander 11:41 AM: That sounds like fun
Adrian Calver 11:41 AM: I mean, only if you want to!
Adrian Calver 11:42 AM: You don’t have to if you had other plans.
Rhea Vander 11:45 AM: No that sounds great, where do they live?
Adrian Calver 11:47 AM: Chicago
Rhea Vander 11:50 AM: Milwaukee is kinda in the opposite direction. We could rain check that?
Adrian Calver 11:54 AM: Yeah, of course. Still this weekend?
Rhea Vander 12:03 PM: Sure! You driving?
Adrian Calver 12:07 PM: Definitely.
Adrian Calver 12:08 PM: So we can go visit my grandparents on Saturday?
Rhea Vander 12:15 PM: Yep! I can’t wait!!! :*
Adrian Calver 12:18 PM: Thanks. I know they’ll love you.


Text: Silverfang to the Spooks

Sat. 11/16/2250 – Fri. 11/22/2250

Silverfang 11/17/2250 01:45: Jaguar, I’m calling in a favour. Are you on status?
Jaguar 11/17/2250 01:50: Lucky for you, I’m always on status *and* awake at this hour.
Silverfang 11/17/2250 01:52: Good, what can you find on a Ross Blackhall?
Jaguar 11/17/2250 02:17: Not much, he’s a demon, works at Strongwind Academy in Lake Forest, Illinois. Owned by the Gardner-Harper family, you should be familiar with them.
Silverfang 11/17/2250 02:20: Not as familiar as I’d like. Keep looking for me, I don’t trust him and I think he’s up to something.
Jaguar 11/17/2250 02:25: Looking to get back into the field, Silverfang?
Silverfang 11/17/2250 02:27: Hopefully, no. I’m not looking for excitement.
Jaguar 11/17/2250 02:30: If you say so. I’ll keep you posted, unlike someone, I can’t run off caffeine.


Paris 11/18/2250 11:36: Jaguar told me you were looking into Blackhall. I think I’m your girl, Silverfang
Silverfang 11/18/2250 11:44: I should have asked you first, shouldn’t have I?
Paris 11/18/2250 11:53: I’m not the specialist on supernatural lineage for nothing. The Gardner-Harper’s have had Blackhall for a good two hundred years now. They obtained him after an excursion into Hell to rescue the damned soul of one Adrian Gardner’s aunt. Evidently they succeeded, a first for mortals. It was a pretty big deal.
Silverfang 11/18/2250 12:09: What has he been doing since?
Paris 11/18/2250 13:44: Mostly just playing babysitter and guard dog for the family. They have a lot of kids, so he had plenty to do. He’s been involved in a couple incidences, I see he’s already making a name for himself at his new job. He was volunteered for the position by Jay Gardner, the current head of the family and his owner. You can just google ‘Demon teleport on car’ and it’ll come up. First result, shit ton of views.
Silverfang 11/18/2250 14:13: I’ve seen it.
Paris 11/18/2250 14:15: What are you looking for this guy for? I know you’ve dealt with them before, but don’t go picking fights with demons. Even for you it’s not a good idea.
Silverfang 11/18/2250 15:01: I know what I’m doing, don’t worry.
Paris 11/18/2250 15:03: I’ll work on that. I’ll let you know if I find anything else.


Silverfang 11/18/2250 17:26: Paris contacted me.
Jaguar 11/18/2250 18:13: I told her to, Wasn’t looking to spend time researching the family when we already had an expert
Silverfang 11/18/2250 19:25: As usual then, but thanks anyway. Are you able to put me in contact with Diablo?
Jaguar 11/18/2250 20:02: What the hell do you want him for? He’s about as shady and ridiculous as his codename.
Silverfang 11/18/2250 20:30: Shady people tend to run in the same circles
Jaguar 11/18/2250 21:34: What do you even suspect Blackhall of? How do you know him? What’s going on, Silverfang?
Silverfang 11/18/2250 21:45: I met him the other day, and he knew my code name. I don’t know him, and he doesn’t have history with the spook squad, correct?
Jaguar 11/18/2250 22:30: He did a little work for us back in 2206, the case of a demon gambling ring. Lots of laundering, and one the Gardner-Harpers got a little too deep with gambling. Wasn’t working as much for us as for them, though.
Silverfang 11/18/2250 22:40: Before I joined then, has he done any work with us since?
Jaguar 11/18/2250 23:15: A little bit here and there, but nothing substantial other than asking him for information on another demon, I have a couple statements I can send you.
Silverfang 11/18/2250 23:16: I’d appreciate it. So how about Diablo’s contact information?


Silverfang 11/19/2250 10:15: Diablo, this is Silverfang. I want to know anything you know about a potential hit on me.
Diablo 11/19/2250 10:34: Eyyyyyyyyy long time no see Fang. What’s in it for me?
Silverfang 11/19/2250 10:37: You still owe me from Brazil, you would have been killed. Just tell me if you’ve heard anything.
Diablo 11/19/2250 10:55: Touchie. There’s always stuff about you floating around, or there were anyway. Quuuite recently, tho there was a rumor going around u had been killed a couple years ago. I hear you dropped off the map.
Silverfang 11/19/2250 11:08: I’m off the field now, I just need to know if someone is after me, or my family.
Diablo 11/19/2250 11:20: Why didn’t you ask the first time around?
Silverfang 11/19/2250 11:35: I wanted to leave it at that and not risk anything. It was time for me to take a break anyway. If they’re at it again, though, I need to stop them. What do you know?
Diablo 11/19/2250 12:10: Not much recently, like I said some thought you were dead from the last hit
Silverfang 11/19/2250 12:13 Do you know who took the hit?
Diablo 11/19/2250 13:05: No, it was a private affair. The offer went down when they found a direct party. The proprietor wished to remain silent, and the hitman stayed quiet to stay out of interest.
Silverfang 11/19/2250 13:09: Okay, well let me know if you find anything else out


Silverfang 11/20/2250 17:57: I need the demon kit
Jaguar 11/20/2250 18:03: I dont know if i can legally help you with that
Silverfang 11/20/2250 18:16: Like you havent helped me break the law before, the whole spook squad is fairly illegal
Jaguar 11/20/2250 18:24: I suppose. I’ll send it through Dusty, she’ll meet you at the drop off at 0100 tomorrow
Silverfang 11/20/2250 18:30: Our usual place?
Jaguar 11/20/2250 18:35: Yep
Silverfang 11/20/2250 18:46: And I swear to god don’t try surveillance, you know I’ll catch it and come skin you.
Jaguar 11/20/2250 18:47: At least I’ll see you, then.
Silverfang 11/20/2250 18:49: harhar. I’ll be there.
Jaguar 11/20/2250 18:53: Roger that, over and out.
Silverfang 11/20/2250 18:55: You’re an idiot

Duties of a Prefect

Fri. 11/15/2250 – By Kayla Salmon.


Dora was an exemplary prefect. She got good grades and she was kind and helpful to the younger students, while also being strict and firm with those who broke the rules. She was a motherly type and while plenty of the students looked up to Aelita, the seventh year was very busy planning for graduation and sending out applications to universities, and sometimes the other students would turn to her in Aelita’s stead. She pulled her coat tighter around her as she walked carefully up the path to the Eagle’s House. The sidewalks had been salted, but that didn’t mean they weren’t slippery or sometimes still slightly iced over.

It was something of a topic at the academy, and in town, the sharp change in the weather. It had become unseasonably cold very quickly, and Halloween had been a hurried affair in the twilight hours due to the dropping temperatures. In just the first week of November, snow was already coming down on them on a regular basis and the lake was quickly freezing up. It was definitely odd since in all her previous years these sorts of temperatures didn’t normally arrive until the end of November.

Dragging the door open, she was greeted by the familiar sounds and smells of the Eagle House. Even though Reid tried to keep a strict enforcement of holiday decorations, some Christmas lights were already strung through the hand rails of the stairs and on the curtains throughout the common room. It was probably one of the Sommerfield girls, just to annoy the older prefect. Dora hung her scarf on the large crowded rack by the door and kicked off her boots, putting them on a shelf that they kept by the door so snow and the rock salt wouldn’t be dragged through the house.

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Text: Ross to Jay

Tues. 11/19/2250

Ross Blackhall 7:10 AM: Jay, answer the phone
Ross Blackhall 8:22 AM: Jay, I swear to God, I have an emergency.
Ross Blackhall 10:50 AM: JAY GARDNER.
Jay Gardner 10:55 AM: What?!
Ross Blackhall 10:56 AM: Answer your phone!!!
Jay Gardner 10:57 AM: I’m in a library, so no.
Ross Blackhall 10:57 AM: For fuck’s sake, my necklace is gone
Ross Blackhall 10:58 AM: I’m panicking over here
Jay Gardner 11:01 AM: Oh, that is rather serious
Ross Blackhall 11:02 AM: YOU THINK!?
Jay Gardner 11:05 AM: Where was the last place you had it?
Ross Blackhall 11:06 AM: This morning I sat it on top of the clothes I was going to change into after I took a shower
Jay Gardner 11:07 AM: and it’s just gone?
Ross Blackhall 11:07 AM: Yeah
Ross Blackhall 11:08 AM: I wondered if maybe it fell off the bed but there’s not much of anything in my room yet and I turned the place upside down
Jay Gardner 11:10 AM: Have you asked Murdoch about it yet?
Ross Blackhall 11:11 AM: No, not yet
Jay Gardner 11:12 AM: Ross, was the door to your room locked?
Ross Blackhall 11:13 AM: Honestly, I thought I did but I don’t know.
Jay Gardner 11:14 AM: So check it
Ross Blackhall 11:16 AM: I’m at lunch, I already left the room to look around the common room and the kitchen, so idk if the door was locked or not
Jay Gardner 11:17 AM: Well fuck
Ross Blackhall 11:17 AM: Little fucking monsters
Jay Gardner 11:18 AM: Go to Murdoch and report it missing
Jay Gardner 11:19 AM: It’s a pretty distinctive cross, if te staff know to look for it, it’ll get found
Ross Blackhall 11:20 AM: I fucking hope so
Ross Blackhall 11:20 AM: I will literally massacre these fuckers
Jay Gardner 11:25 AM: Ross, you are not allowed to massacre the children
Ross Blackhall 11:26 AM: Fuck you
Jay Gardner 11:28 AM: Deep breaths, I know it’s important, it’ll get found.
Jay Gardner 11:29 AM: If it hasn’t shown up by next weekend I will personally come up and turn the campus upside down
Jay Gardner 11:30 AM: Okay?
Ross Blackhall 11:32 AM: Okay
Ross Blackhall 11:32 AM: Thanks
Jay Gardner 11:33 AM: No problem, keep me updated
Ross Blackhall 11:35 AM: I will.