A Few Drinks

Saturday, 11/30/2250 – By Rebecca Green,

“Bu-deh!” Ramadin crowed, reaching high to slap Will on the shoulder as they entered the bar. “Time for your victory lap, cheer up a little!”

“I am cheerful.” Will complained, swatting the dwarf away “I’m also dead beat, give me a break.”

“Give you a break? You defeated the dragon! That’s some boss level shit! Let us drink to your honor!” He hopped up onto a stool as he spoke, patting the spot beside him where Will reluctantly slid into. Beside him, Tamarin popped up, effectively surrounding the vampire in overly enthusiastic dwarves. Ian, the ever reasonable one, mercifully sat on the other side of Tamarin, content to leave the others at it and watch the show.

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Saturday, 11/30/2250 – By Kayla Salmon.

He’d done and seen a lot of stupid and weird shit in his lifetime. He was a demon, and it was a long lifetime, and lots of people had filtered through it. His most insane claim to fame would forever be the time the first head of the Gardner family basically forced him to take him through Hell, and then went and fought off a fallen angel.

Since he’d come to the academy, Adrian Gardner’s little stunt was sounding less and less crazy. So far he’d been assaulted on two different occasions by one little angry woman, had erotic fanfiction written about him and two of the staff, and had to help one of the students who had been taped to the wall. Yes. Taped, to the wall. Not to mention the insanity that had happened a couple days before when Vander and Calver, both werewolves, as it turned out, and Reid Firewolf, one of his students, had all missed out on the lock up time for the full moon and had ended up attacking the people in the buildings they were in. Not only had he had to fend off two werewolves from the group of students before herding them into a classroom, but then he’d had to help keep Reid contained in a bathroom that one of the other students had trapped him inside of. At least it was only until morning.

But this, this took the fucking cake. Since the insanity of the werewolf escapades on Thanksgiving, most of the staff were returning as early as possible, and that included a specific Magic Professor he’d yet to have the pleasure of being introduced to.

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