Saturday, 11/30/2250 – By Kayla Salmon.

He’d done and seen a lot of stupid and weird shit in his lifetime. He was a demon, and it was a long lifetime, and lots of people had filtered through it. His most insane claim to fame would forever be the time the first head of the Gardner family basically forced him to take him through Hell, and then went and fought off a fallen angel.

Since he’d come to the academy, Adrian Gardner’s little stunt was sounding less and less crazy. So far he’d been assaulted on two different occasions by one little angry woman, had erotic fanfiction written about him and two of the staff, and had to help one of the students who had been taped to the wall. Yes. Taped, to the wall. Not to mention the insanity that had happened a couple days before when Vander and Calver, both werewolves, as it turned out, and Reid Firewolf, one of his students, had all missed out on the lock up time for the full moon and had ended up attacking the people in the buildings they were in. Not only had he had to fend off two werewolves from the group of students before herding them into a classroom, but then he’d had to help keep Reid contained in a bathroom that one of the other students had trapped him inside of. At least it was only until morning.

But this, this took the fucking cake. Since the insanity of the werewolf escapades on Thanksgiving, most of the staff were returning as early as possible, and that included a specific Magic Professor he’d yet to have the pleasure of being introduced to.

The door slammed shut as he glared at Levi and shook his hand, in a very Ross-like manner, unable to find the words to say.

Levi, the blond haired, blue eyed magic professor simply looked on calmly from his desk where he sat on that Saturday, grading some last minute papers. “Is there something the matter?”

“What the actual fuck,” Ross demanded, looking back over his shoulder to make sure the door to the classroom was shut before looking back to the other man, “Are you doing here?”

“Max asked if I would do her the favor of filling the Magic post, as the instructor retired last semester,” Levi explained as he wrote a grade at the top of a paper and set it in another pile. “You’re acting like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Ha!” Ross snapped, folding his arms, “I’m serious, what made you decide to grace the academy with your presence? It feels like they’re loading this place full of powerhouses. There’s me, a fallen, Uriel the fucking Archangel, you’re here now, and did you know the Dean of Students in training is a fucking hydra?” Ross rambled, “A hydra.”

“There’s been several threats on the school,” Levi explained, grabbing a stack of papers and trying to straighten them. “Max thought I might be of some assistance, and given my own proclivities, I think I fill the role of a magic instructor well,” He gave a small smile to the demon, “I have been enjoying it. It’s been some time since I worked directly with children.”

Ross scoffed loudly, rolling his eyes with annoyance. Only Levi could downplay his presence as something that had just happened to come to pass. “You’re shielding like a mother if no one has noticed you.”

“Actually, it is not hard to pass as a regular human being when you simply do not shout it from the rooftops, or, in your case,” Levi turned in his chair and raised his eyebrows at Ross, giving the man a teasing smile, “Rip Professor Vander right through the Void.”

“Oh fucking hell, not this again,” Ross complained, running a hand through his hair, “She assaulted me!”

“I’m not saying she didn’t, but a simple deflection or just taking the damn hit would have saved you alot more trouble than yanking the woman through,” Levi said with a shrug.

Ross pressed his lips together and stared at the other man, who was sitting there in a button down shirt and jeans, a pair of glasses on his nose, his hair tied back like this was absolutely normal and it was driving Ross spare. “So, you’re seriously happy to be here and just sit and play teacher?”

Levi gave another shrug and stood. Even though he was shorter than Ross, he had one of those presences that demanded attention. “I am, it’s been enjoyable,” He waved a hand dismissively, “Relaxing, even.”

“Does Murdoch know who you are?” Ross hedged. He knew that Max had to know, because she was Uriel, even if she went by a new name, and he wondered if Hakidonmuya knew. Would any of the others be able to pick up on him? Probably not, given he was teaching in a classroom right down the hall from the man, and he’d been teaching for three weeks and he hadn’t picked up on anything, even knowing what Levi looked like.

“Of course not, I was just a helpful suggestion on Max’s behalf,” Levi said, “Just as you were on Jay’s. Speaking of which, how is he?” Ross could believe this, at least, since Levi has always been partial to the Gardner family and had offered his protection to Adrian Gardner on several occasions.

“As well as can be,” Ross said, still skeptical of the older man. “Anyways, what do you mean there’s been threats on the school? Who’d be stupid enough to threaten it?”

Levi gave a shrug and grabbed his coat that was hanging on one of the racks along the wall, “You know how it is. Ever since we came out to Earth, people have always come up with this ‘them versus us’ mentality. As though because someone can shapeshift or leap up the side of the building makes them any less human.” He sounded less annoyed and more disappointed than anything.

“Well,” Ross said amicably, “We are a lot more dangerous than normal mortals.”

“And that’s why we have a lot more enforcement, between the angels keeping watch over the fallen and demons and other hell creatures, and then the knights and the spook squad and various other agencies put into place to make sure any dangerous supernaturals are contained.” Levi said, beginning to sound more annoyed, and Ross had to wonder who he had been having this argument with.

The demon nodded, “What’s changed then? Nothing bad’s happened in recent years on Earth. If anything, small little pockets of things have gone down on Atlas, but they keep themselves pretty off the grid in terms of Earth media.”

Levi shrugged his coat on. “It’s just mounting. Some of those anti-supernatural groups are starting to get larger following and more investments. The group EVE, can’t remember what their actual name is, seems the most peaceful, but they still want to enact a large scale emigration of supernaturals back to Atlas. I’m not exactly sure how they plan on enforcing it since most of us can pass as mortal humans.” He opened the door and Ross realized any conversation about why Levi was on campus was officially at a close, though that the older man seemed willing to discuss other things meant his intention was not to keep the demon completely in the dark on whatever was going on.

Ross followed Levi out into the hallway, which was, unsurprisingly, deserted, given it was a Saturday. “There’s no way that could get passed. Like you said, for most of us the only way for them to truly figure out who is a mortal and who isn’t is to-”

“Basically bring back the Salem witch trials?” Levi asked, sounding both a bit bitter and bemused, “Exactly. You’d have to severely injure someone and if they don’t heal, mortal, if they do, immortal. Not a very sound method.”

“Why would they threaten Strongwind, though?” Ross asked, reaching the stairs.

“They haven’t. That other group, Humans Rights Activists, they’ve been a bit more… extreme in their measures.” Levi said, taking quick steps down the stairs since his legs weren’t as long as Ross’s. “Think, Neo-Nazis, they’re less about segregation and more about straight up killing any supernaturals they find living among their ‘pure mortal’ communities.”

“Well that ain’t fucking legal.” Ross spat.

“Of course not, especially with the little bit of supernatural legislation they’ve passed since the reveal. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t call in bomb threats or make mentions online about sending groups in to shoot up the town or the campus.” Levi explained, lowering his voice slightly as they reached the first floor.

“Wait,” Ross said, looking around for any prying eyes or ears, but the only noise he could hear was from the library, “why the town?”

“The supernatural community has been slowly growing in the town, what with the close proximity to the school. And since it’s the closest town to the school, that and the staff and students both consider it a sort of extension of the campus. It would be like attacking the campus, but the town doesn’t have any sort of security that the school does.” Levi explained.

“Well shit on a stick,” Ross snapped, folding his arm as they finally hit the outside, where the wind from the blizzard a few days before was still whipping snow and ice around. “No wonder you and Uriel came by then.”

Levi nodded. “Strongwind takes in a lot of influential students, and receives a lot of backing, not just from wealthy families. Since they opened their doors a few years ago to allow mortals the chance to study here, the politicians are trying to use it as a place to foster some good will and connections between mortal and immortals. Of course HRA doesn’t want that happening.”

The older man gave a deep sigh and Ross felt just a tad bit guilty about bursting into his office the way he head. Levi smiled and gestured toward the cottages, “Well, I’m going to head back to the house. Max said she’d be making Eolande some food and I feel inclined to join them.” He gave Ross a small wave and began walking off in the direction of the staff housing.


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