Text: Ross to Jay

Sat. 12/7/2251

Ross Blackhall 8:37 AM: So, you’ll never guess who I ran into last weekend.
Jay Gardner 8:56 AM: Who?
Ross Blackhall 9:30 AM: You know, a certain man. Typically blonde hair, blue eyes. Hella powerful. Goes by the name Levi.
Jay Gardner 10:03 AM: What?
Jay Gardner 10:05 AM: What’s he doing there???
Ross Blackhall 10:07 AM: Apparently Uriel asked him to hang around. He’s teaching magic.
Ross Blackhall 10:08 AM: I’m kind of surprised that you didn’t hear his name from any of the kids, to be honest.
Jay Gardner 10:10 AM: No, I didn’t, they mentioned a new magic professor, but not a name
Jay Gardner 10:11 AM: Does Rodney know who he is???
Ross Blackhall 10:20 AM: Apparently not, Levi asked me not to say anything to him.
Ross Blackhall 10:21 AM: But you’re not Rodney, and I can’t really ask the guy who owns my soul to not say something.
Jay Gardner 10:24 AM: Look at you being devious and beating the system.
Ross Blackhall 10:25 AM: Hell yeah
Ross Blackhall 10:27 AM: Though I do highly recommend not saying anything. If Uriel asked him to be here, then it might not be smart to piss off an archangel.
Jay Gardner 10:29 AM: There hasn’t been any problems, has there?
Ross Blackhall 10:31 AM: No, but I saw him and almost had a panic attack.
Jay Gardner 10:35 AM: Ross, seriously, I know he’s fond of you and our family, but do you actually trust him? Especially around kids? You’ve said before, he’s like a tank, what if he snaps and hurts someone?
Ross Blackhall 10:37 AM: I’ve never really seen him snap is the thing, he seems to have pretty good patience, which you’d need given everything.
Jay Gardner 10:42 AM: Can you please keep an eye on him, just in case
Jay Gardner 10:43 AM: And of course if the media finds out it’ll be a shit storm over there, Uriel’s making it bad enough, but given the time she almost threw a newscaster off the roof, they’ve been hanging back
Ross Blackhall 10:47 AM: At this point I’m kind of keeping an eye on EVERYTHING
Jay Gardner 10:49 AM: Okay, keep me posted



Music Calms The Beast

Wednesday, 12/4/2250 – By Kayla Salmon

The thing about the Eagle House was that there was always something going on. And sometimes that was a good thing, but when you had a headache, it wasn’t always great. Noklie sat in the porch swing, his legs curled up to his chest and he tapped his fingers on his knees.

The headache was from the voices. Two voices, given what he was. In his normal form he had three heads and each of those heads had their own thoughts and desires, even personalities. When they were in human form the three of them were all smushed together and he, the middle and main head, was left listening to them.

We need to do something, one of the voices yelled. Sniff, smell, run, transform and run, everyone else does!

“Please, just shut up and leave me alone,” Noklie muttered, begging the voices to stop and be quiet.

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Text: Cleo to Ayato

Thurs. 12/5/2250

Cleo Sommerfield 8:39 PM: Ugh, I wanna come cuddle but I gotta finish this stupid essay. What are you up to?
Ayato Caven 8:45 PM: Oh hey, I was watching a show. Not doing much else. Sorry about your stupid essay. We can totally cuddle later.
Cleo Sommerfield 8:54 PM: Np, I’m just about done now, but then I have to finish the math homework too
Cleo Sommerfield 8:56 PM: How are you not swamped with homework
Ayato Caven 8:57 PM: Homework is literal hell, I feel for you. And I spent a good chunk of time earlier doing some of mine. It’s not done but close enough and it counts
Cleo Sommerfield 9:01 PM: Look at you being all adult like. I put it off and took a nap.
Cleo Sommerfield 9:03 PM: I think I’m going to finish everything tonight so i can relax the rest of the week. What are you watching?
Ayato Caven 9:06 PM: Yes, I am adult, watch me be adult.
Ayato Caven 9:07 PM: And idk, some old movie about a shark going on a rampage and killing people. Lots of blood.
Cleo Sommerfield 9:10 PM: Niiice, i think my brother made me watch that once. Doesn’t the guy punch the shark in the nose?
Ayato Caven 9:13 PM: Yeah yeah, I just saw that part. Didn’t seem to help much, sadly. Kinda stupid if you ask me, going out on the sea with a killer shark, but whatever
Cleo Sommerfield 9:15 PM: Ikr?Hurr let’s go into te ocean even tho it’s completely avoidable and piss of the giant man eating shark!
Ayato Caven 9:17 PM: But he had to do it for the sake of the town, Cleo
Ayato Caven 9:18 PM: Anyway, I got a question. Answer truthfully now, don’t worry about hurting my feelings, okay?
Ayato Caven 9:20 PM: You want to go to the Masquerade with me?
Cleo Sommerfield 9:27 PM: Sure, you know I’m not much for the dresses and girly stuff, but I think it’ll be fun. I’ve never actually gone to any of the Christmas Ball things they do.
Ayato Caven 9:30 PM: You don’t have to dress up, just wear your normal jeans and tanks. I’m not expecting anything big; I don’t have a suit anyway and I’m not gonna buy one just for one ball. Just you and me and a fun evening. If you’ll be around by then, that is.
Cleo Sommerfield 9:34 PM: Of course I’ll be around, I’m hoping to spend most of the break with you
Ayato Caven 9:37 PM: Okay, great. Nice change of pace to spend time with you when we don’t have school.
Cleo Sommerfield 9:39 PM: Yeah, agreed, I wanted to invite you over for Thanksgiving but there didn’t seem to be a good time
Ayato Caven 9:40 PM: A good time? Oh, gee, it couldn’t have been a good time when we were actually talking about it, could it?
Cleo Sommerfield 9:42 PM: See, like that
Cleo Sommerfield 9:42 PM: fekgjner;
Cleo Sommerfield 9:43 PM: Sorry, Dee was messing around and took my phone. But yeah, when I brought up Thanksgiving you got kind of nasty with me, so I didn’t think you’d want to spend it with me or my family.
Ayato Caven 9:45 PM: I didn’t get nasty, Cleo. I was just answering your questions; I didn’t know honesty was considered getting nasty. And tell your sister to mind her own business, I’m not dating her.
Cleo Sommerfield 9:47 PM: I get that you have a lot of problems that I can’t get, like with your family situation, but you do get really nasty to me whenever it gets brought up.
Cleo Sommerfield 9:48 PM: Family means a lot to me and my sister is my best friend and I want you two to just like each other, or at least get along for my sake
Ayato Caven 9:50 PM: You don’t get it.
Cleo Sommerfield 9:53 PM: Why don’t you try explaining it and talking to me about it instead of just shutting down?
Cleo Sommerfield 10:02 PM: So are you going to ignore me?
Cleo Sommerfield 10:23 PM: When you act like this is the main reason my sister doesn’t like you
Cleo Sommerfield 10:45 PM: Night


Bursts Of Energy

Wednesday, 12/4/2250 – By Kayla Salmon.

It was already their fourth month of school, so the schedule was down pat and the second years were trudging up to the third floor, fresh from their herbology class as they always were every Monday and Wednesday. Luckily, Hakidonmuya was a strict and unforgiving instructor, so most of the second years were worn down, tired and ready for the school day to come to a close, even those who had one of their elective courses afterwards.

Of course that wasn’t the rule. Given they were twelve and thirteen year olds, there was usually more than enough energy to make his classes interesting, despite the fact that it was supposed to be a theoretical class, and not one with application.

Not that he carried through with that most of the time. It helped to try and teach the students some basic things so they could discover if they had an affinity for magic, and it also tended to keep the students more focused than when he simply lectured.

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Snow Play

Tuesday, 12/3/2250 – Rebecca Green.

It had snowed during the night- little more than a light dusting, just enough to even out the previous fall. With two feet of snow, the kids had taken their chance, before classes started, to get out in it and start yet another full-scale snowball fight. Soon classes began to loom and those who had lessons to attend had broken off and returned to their houses to dry off and change.

Adrian had left the library in charge of a couple aides. It was cold, but he wasn’t bothered. Standing on the steps of the Primary Building, he watched as the kids who didn’t have classes kept up the fight, yelling and screaming. Ducking and dodging, they hid behind hastily formed forts, popping up to hurl snowballs at others. Skirting the lawn, Adrian made his way into the forest, his eyes fixed on the ground as he tromped through the snow that came nearly to his knees. It was a workout, lifting his legs above the top of the snow and breaking through with each step. He was glad when he reached the forest, where the trees took some of the snow, leaving less to lie on the ground; it made walking much easier.

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Text: Dora to Aelita

Tues. 12/03/2250

Dora Santos 4:48 PM: Lita?
Dora Santos 4:51 PM: Lita please come back
Dora Santos 4:53 PM: I hate to see you upset
Dora Santos 4:58 PM: Aelita, don’t do this
Dora Santos 5:01 PM: We’re still best friends
Dora Santos 5:04 PM: Please answer me
Dora Santos 5:06 PM: I’m really worried about you
Dora Santos 5:09 PM: I’m sorry I don’t like you like that, I wish I did
Dora Santos 5:14 PM: You know the stuff I’ve been through
Dora Santos 5:16 PM: And, none of that kind of stuff sits well with me
Dora Santos 5:18 PM: I don’t know if I ever want to date anyone
Dora Santos 5:24 PM: It’s not you
Dora Santos 5:32 PM: Lita please come to dinner with me
Dora Santos 5:56 PM: Don’t make me go by myself
Dora Santos 6:29 PM: I can’t find you anywhere, I’m going to ask Blackhall for help
Dora Santos 8:32 PM: I’m going to run to the showers, do you ave your keys if you need to get back in?
Dora Santos 9:48 PM: I’m starting to drift off
Dora Santos 12:11 AM: Woke up, you’re still not here
Dora Santos 12:12 AM: The room feels empty
Dora Santos 12:13 AM: Come on, Lita, I know you’re still awake
Dora Santos 12:15 AM: I miss you

Page 23

Tuesday, 12/3/2250 – By Rebecca Green.

Aelita swallowed hard. Holding the envelope in a near crushing grip, the manilla stock paper bent underneath her fingers. Sitting on her bed, she stared at it. Debating with herself, she knew this was a stupid idea. She should stuff the envelope under her pillow until night came, and then burn it in the fireplace. Why would she subject herself to the humiliation? She might lose her best friend. But she couldn’t keep lying to herself, and to Dora. Not after she’d discovered this only a few days ago. When she had finally gotten her phone back and seen the danger Dora had been put in, her heart had beat so wildly. She couldn’t keep lying when she’d been so relieved to see the selkie again.

She’d known she was gay since fourth year, having briefly dated a boy and decided it was wrong and not what she wanted. That summer, she had her first girlfriend at orchestra camp. It had been jarring at first, as her grandmother was a devote Christian and disapproved whole heartedly, but Aelita’s mother and father had always stood between them as a buffer to let Aelita live as she wanted to. Grandma wasn’t as adamant about it anymore, at least.

Still, she’d never gone this far. Dora approved, but… This was different. She should stop now.

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