Bursts Of Energy

Wednesday, 12/4/2250 – By Kayla Salmon.

It was already their fourth month of school, so the schedule was down pat and the second years were trudging up to the third floor, fresh from their herbology class as they always were every Monday and Wednesday. Luckily, Hakidonmuya was a strict and unforgiving instructor, so most of the second years were worn down, tired and ready for the school day to come to a close, even those who had one of their elective courses afterwards.

Of course that wasn’t the rule. Given they were twelve and thirteen year olds, there was usually more than enough energy to make his classes interesting, despite the fact that it was supposed to be a theoretical class, and not one with application.

Not that he carried through with that most of the time. It helped to try and teach the students some basic things so they could discover if they had an affinity for magic, and it also tended to keep the students more focused than when he simply lectured.

A group of girls entered the class first, Oulissa still spraying some body spray on herself before passing it to other girls in an attempt to mask the smell of the greenhouses. Melisandre, Sharon, Isabella, Aino and Rylee in turn all passed the bottle around as they took a group of the desks towards the front. It wasn’t surprising since four of the six girls were from the Gardner-Harper clan, and almost all of them had a strong affinity for magic, and Sharon and Aino shared their friend’s interest. They were generally good students and paid attention well enough, even if they did get a bit talkative.

Levi adjusted his glasses and held the door open as the second group came in. Teddy, Primrose, Eric, and Theon, as well as the rest of the Eagles, made their way in and began dispersing to their own preferred desks, Teddy and Primrose practically sitting on top of each other as they stuck their heads together and continued on in quiet conversation.

The one “odd-man-out” in class was Eolande, his adopted daughter, who was a first year. She shuffled in, books in her hands, having arrived from her potions class. He could see a snake tucked inside the collar of her shirt, but had recently decided trying to keep her from bringing her reptile friends in was damn near futile and only upset her. The only reason she was taking the class a year ahead of schedule was because she was having outbursts of magic that she seemed unable to control, and their hope was learning a bit about the theory, as well as some after school tutoring in practical applications, would help even her out.

The rest of the class slowly trickled in, having left straight from Herbology to change or run by their room or a locker. Kyle Cupid just barely slipped through the door as the bell was ringing and Levi gave him a look, shaking his head with a small smile. Kyle slipped into a seat by Derek, one of the few centaurs in class, who utilized one of the handicapped tables in the back and the two bumped fists.

“Are we still talking about energy magic, Professor?” Sharon asked, pulling out a notebook. It had been an argument from the get-go with most of the class that he wanted them taking notes on actual paper and not on tablets or computers, or even their phones. Most of the class was slowly following suit, pulling out notebooks or binders or scraps of paper to scribble on. A handful of people, like Teddy and Derek, didn’t even bother. Teddy continued to stare at him in an unnerving manner, while Derek simply folded his arms and leaned back against the wall. At least if he asked Derek questions the centaur could usually answer them, but Teddy rarely said much.

“Yes, as I said we’d be,” He explained, turning away from the white board where he’d written down some of the major bullet points for studying. There was a collective groan from some of the students, who all desired to be done with the first two units of the class.

“We’ve been studying energy and elemental magic for ages,” Gavin, one of the Owls, complained.

“Well not everyone was spoon-fed energy magic from the day they were born,” Sharon snipped back, turning to look at the boy.

Levi cleared his throat loudly and the students turned back to face him once more. “As I outlined on your syllabus, most common and practical magic are made up of elemental and energy magics, therefore, we will be spending the entirety of the first semester discussing them.” He leaned over his desk, his hands on the edges as he looked down at his planner. “Soul, shadow, light, holy and all other magics will be discussed once we return from winter break.”

There was another groan from Gavin, but the rest of the students remained quiet, nodding their heads obediently.

“Now, if there are no more complaints, your group assignments will be due one week from today, and then the next week we’ll be finishing up with exams and then you can all breathe a sigh of relief that winter break has begun.”

“The Uni kids have finals this week,” Levi could hear someone grumble, but didn’t bother to try and pinpoint the voice.

“That’s fantastic, I’m sure any of the university students would be glad to trade their extended vacation times for a decrease in class work and stress load.” He paused and nodded, “Alright then, I think we did enough lecturing on Monday, so I’m going to let you use today as a workday for your projects.”

Sharon, ever the overachiever, raised her hand immediately and began when he nodded in her direction, “Are you giving out study guides for the midterms?”

“I’ll make a bulleted list of what we covered this semester and some short answer questions. If you can answer those without referencing your notes, you’ll be fine,” Levi assured the class. “Any other questions before we split up?”

He was met with silence for a moment before Rylee Gardner raised her hand.


“Do we really have to partner with Teddy?” She asked, shooting the silent boy in the corner a quick glance.

Levi rolled his eyes. “I assigned the groups two weeks ago. Yes.”

No one else seemed to have any questions or comments, so the students began dragging desks off into groups of three and four to sit with their groupmates. There were four groups total and he’d tried to split them up a bit to work with other students and not just their friends. He had also hoped splitting those who were having a harder time in the class with some of the students with higher grades would help even out their work, and improve the quality of their projects. Not that it necessarily always worked.

For example, while Teddy did wonderful on exams, quizzes, and essays, he was abhorrent with his social skills. And despite the fact that he’d been paired with three good students, he still refused to interact and the other three were essentially having to progress without his help.

But on the other hand, he’d paired Eolande with Isabella, Derek, and Hamish, and they all seemed to be getting along fairly well. Isabella and Derek were patient with the younger girl while Eric worked to keep them all organized. The other two groups were getting on just as well, though occasionally he’d catch Teddy and Primrose sneaking glances at their phones in an attempt to text each other.

Finally, he had enough of Teddy just not paying attention and walked up to the boy, extending a hand for the phone. The boy didn’t even acknowledge him at first, and when he did, he glanced at the professor’s hand and ignored it.

“Mr. Ashes, if you do not give me your phone, I will send you to the Headmaster’s office,” The magic professor warned, his voice going slightly deeper with the edge of a threat.

Teddy remained motionless for a moment, meeting the man’s eyes and staying level there. Slowly, he held out the phone, to where Levi snatched it out of his hands and swiveled on his feet to turn away. The boy watched intently, before finally turning back to the table, arms crossing as he set his fixed gaze on the paper they scribbled on.

“Hey!” Rylee yelped and Levi looked over at Teddy’s partner to see the boy, in his annoyance, had set fire to some of the papers the group had been writing on. “No, Theon, you can’t-” The girl cried out, but her cousin was already trying to smother the fire with more paper, which of course only made the situation worse. Teddy’s irritation still fueling the flames, they continued to spread to cover the table. Levi hurried to his desk and grabbed the sweater that was hanging on the back of his chair, but in the few steps, the fire was already getting bigger.

Before he could smother the flames, the water from the sprinklers in the ceiling were going off and all of the students were shrieking and shouting, grabbing their bags and what papers they could salvage and running for the door. The professor could feel his clothes plaster to his skin, cold and wet, and he hung back in the room long enough to grab his own belongings and make sure the rest of the students filed out ahead of him.

“Ugh! This is why I didn’t want to have to work with him!” Levi could hear Rylee complaining loudly to her cousins, “He’s such a freak!”

Levi scowled as he closed the door behind him, a few light glares from some of the other professors as they emerged from their own rooms with the loud ringing of the alarms. They were obnoxiously loud for normal humans, but to a group of supernaturals, many of which who had more sensitive hearing, it was a living hell.

“Mr. Ashes, get back here!” He called over the heads of the students in front of him. While accidental magic wasn’t generally punished, a good talking to about cell phone usage in class was most certainly in order.



    1. The Gardner-Harper clan is a very well known family of witches and wizards, able to use magic even before the merge of magic back to Earth.



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