Music Calms The Beast

Wednesday, 12/4/2250 – By Kayla Salmon

The thing about the Eagle House was that there was always something going on. And sometimes that was a good thing, but when you had a headache, it wasn’t always great. Noklie sat in the porch swing, his legs curled up to his chest and he tapped his fingers on his knees.

The headache was from the voices. Two voices, given what he was. In his normal form he had three heads and each of those heads had their own thoughts and desires, even personalities. When they were in human form the three of them were all smushed together and he, the middle and main head, was left listening to them.

We need to do something, one of the voices yelled. Sniff, smell, run, transform and run, everyone else does!

“Please, just shut up and leave me alone,” Noklie muttered, begging the voices to stop and be quiet.

Stop yelling, it isn’t necessary, the other voice reasoned. It was usually the more calm of the voices. Let’s go back in and try to make some friends, there’s plenty of first years around.

His head jerked up as the back door opened and out stepped his Head of House. Professor Blackhall was stretching and looking out off the porch at the newest layer of snow on the grass.

Blackhall smiled when he caught sight of Noklie and raised a hand, “Hey, kid, what are you doing out here? It’s barely twenty degrees out.”

Oh look, Blackhell is here, the darker voice snickered.

His name is Blackhall, the other corrected.

Swan calls him Blackhell, the other argued.

Noklie squeezed his eyes tight and moved one of his hands to the side of his head. “Be quiet,” he said to himself, then looked to the demon. “It’s quiet out here,” he explained. As the Head drew closer the voices actually quieted. It was nice and all three personalities were calmed by the demon’s presence. It reminded them of home, Hell.

Blackhall nodded his head in understanding, “Gotcha, they’re all a bit batty, aren’t they?” He said with a small smile, coming and sitting beside Noklie on the porch swing.

The cerberus paused and then nodded his head, “Yeah, they are from time to time,” he agreed. He shivered slightly. The Head hadn’t been wrong when he said it was cold out, as Noklie had fled with only a hoodie, and he wasn’t used to the cold weather. He’d been born and raised in Hell, where it was generally hot and humid. The first time he’d ever seen snow had been the month before when the snowing had started.

The Head of House pulled off his coat and draped it over the boy’s shoulders, which made Noklie freeze, slightly. He wasn’t used to people touching him much, especially people he wasn’t close with. “Thanks,” he said finally, pulling the coat tighter around him. It was definitely warmer, but that might have had something to do with the body heat that lingered.

“No problem, I’m pretty good with the cold, but doesn’t look like you are,” he said, still smiling. It was almost forced and it made Noklie uncomfortable.

“Why’d you come out here?” The first year asked.

Blackhall shrugged, “Just wanted to check up on you. Especially after that whole thing on Thanksgiving. I never really had the chance to talk to you about it.”

Noklie froze, his eyes narrowing before he looked away. “It’s nothing.”

“It didn’t sound like nothing,” Blackhall said, looking back out across the porch.

“Rayden was being mean and I had a headache. I lost my temper, that’s it,” Noklie said. He paused when he realized that the voices had quieted. They seemed content to listen, which wasn’t common.

“Your headaches seem to be pretty common,” Blackhall remarked.

It put Noklie on edge. He just wanted to be left alone and here was this demon trying to push his way in like he knew anything about him. “Yeah,” he said bluntly.

“Is it because you’re a cerberus?” Blackhall asked and Noklie shrugged. The Head of House continued. “I’ve heard about the whole multiple heads thing. Most creatures who have them and take a human form end up with a fight for the personalities to be heard.”

Noklie refused to look at the demon, folding his arms across his chest, almost holding himself. “Yeah.”

“So, the voices from your other heads are bothering you?” He asked.

Noklie shrugged again, not really wanting to talk about it, or even think about it really.

“You know,” Blackhall said, turning and looking at the first year again, “they only talk to you because no one else can hear them.”

The idea was foreign to Noklie and he finally looked back to the demon skeptically. “Really?” He asked, then added, “They seem content to annoy me and argue with each other.”

“Of course,” Blackhall said, rolling his eyes and pushing the swing slightly so it rocked back and forth. “Think about it, can you imagine if you were shut up in a body with two other voices and only one of them got control of the body you were in?” He snorted. “Sounds frustrating as Hell.”

Noklie nodded uncertainly. “I guess. One of them tries to take over occasionally…”

“You know, have you ever tried letting them out a bit, to have a bit more leeway?” Blackhall broke off as Noklie shook his head furiously, making it clear that was definitely not an option. Maybe for the calm voice, sure, but the darker one- Noklie didn’t trust letting him loose.

“Oh well,” Blackhall backtracked, “have you ever tried keeping them distracted?”

Noklie frowned in confusion, “What do you mean?”

“Like,” Blackhall waved his hand slightly, “Music, for example.”
“Music,” Noklie said skeptically.

“Yeah, something for them to listen to with you. You could also try voicing their thoughts, even if you don’t let them take over.”

“I don’t really listen to music,” Noklie said, shrugging, “I don’t have a music player and I don’t really have much room on my phone my dad gave me.”

“I’ll figure something out for you, okay?” Blackhall said, slowly pushing himself to his feet.

Noklie nodded, still skeptical.  

“And, you know if you need anything, you can come talk to me, no more losing your temper and transforming in the dorms.” He said, giving Noklie a smile.

Noklie gave a hesitant smile in return and nodded again. “Okay. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” Blackhall said, and nodded at the boy, “Keep my jacket for now, just hang it on the coat rack by the door when you’re done with it. I have some papers to grade.” He gave a wave and began back towards the door.

Noklie waited until the Head of House was back inside before he relaxed again, the voices still quiet. He had a little bit to think about, but as least the headache from earlier was finally receding.


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