Falling For Someone

Thursday, 12/05/2250 – By Rebecca Green.

No one really talked to Noklie anymore, not after Rue and Sansa had taken the courtesy of telling absolutely everyone about his little outburst in the middle of the werewolf chaos. Half the first years gossiped about him, and the other half treated him like a ticking time bomb. Eolande was the only one who’d sit next to him in science class and he pretended this didn’t bother him. After all, the green haired girl was nice- though she had been forlorn after being told she couldn’t bring snakes to class anymore. She seemed skittish about the ordeal, sometimes reaching up to her hair and frowning.

She was weird, Noklie admitted, but he was pretty weird himself and he was just glad to have one person who wasn’t afraid of him, or cruel to him. Rue and Sansa had taken it upon themselves to continue the rumors that they were dating, headed by Monica. Eolande didn’t seem to understand what this meant, and Noklie didn’t do much to defend the rumors, unwilling to cause more trouble. Eolande was nice, but he wasn’t about to date her.

“Bartimus!” Their science teacher, Professor Kassem, called out. “Where are your goggles?” She questioned, moving to loom over the boy sitting with his partner, Jackson Gardner.

The boy rolled his eyes, “We’re dissecting seeds, not playing with chemicals.”

“I don’t care what we’re doing, it’s good to get in the practice of always using them.” She looked down on him until the boy grumbled to himself and clambered out of his seat and to the cabinet to snatch up a pair, “And a little less of that attitude, if you please. I’m sure you don’t want to be sent to your grandfather’s office.”

Bartimus immediately flushed. “Sorry.”

“Low blow, Professor,” Jackson whistled, “Threatening the pops.” Professor Kassem did the wise thing and didn’t respond. In the back, Noklie ducked his head, silently tightening his hands on the desk. Idiots, why did they have to cause trouble like that? Noklie shook himself, pushing that voice from his head. He hated when that voice poked its way in.

“Noklie, wrong something?” Eolande asked, looking toward the boy with curiosity more than concern. Noklie glanced at her, flushing himself as he was caught.

“Just a headache.” He mumbled.

Eolande pushed herself up, leaning forward on her elbows against the table as she spoke cheerfully, “Ourani do good with headaches. Should visit, Noklie. Infirmary that way.” She extended her arm out, pointing in the general direction of the infirmary. Professor Kassem looked toward them, an eyebrow raised.

“Yes, Eolande?”

Several eyes glanced toward them, and Eolande answered all too embarrassingly, “Eolande noticed Noklie not feeling well. He has a headache.”

“I bet it’s those voices again,” it was Sansa who stage whispered and beside her Rue giggled.

“That’s enough,” Lana reprimanded, looking toward the girls with scolding eyes before looking toward Noklie, “Would you like to go to the infirmary?”

Noklie’s eyes were wide, flickering between the class that was now staring at him and his professor. He wished Eolande could have just keep her mouth shut, but the girl was nothing but sincere as she watched him. “No-” He began to answer, but the giggling of Rue and Sansa as they ridiculed him under their breath quickly had his answer changing, “I mean- Yes please.”

“Of course, you may go.”

“Eolande go with him?” The girl piped up, “Want to visit blueberry too, can’t go alone.”

“No, Eolande, I think he can-”

Her words were interrupted by the groaning of metal. All at once the class looked up, and nearly each one shrieked as the ceiling gave, debris covering them and a man falling through until he hit the ground with a pained moan. There was a moment of silence, and then the students were scrambling to their feet, crowding around as they crowed about the man’s sudden appearance.

“Are you a ninja?” Squawked Monica excitedly,

“What the heck were you doing in the ceiling?” Sansa eagerly asked, on her toes as she tried to see what was going on.

Bartimus stared at the man, “Will?” Identifying the man first as his cousin in astonishment.

“I- ow-” Will groaned once more as he tried to stand up, one arm immediately giving under his weight and barely supporting himself on the other until he could sit, cradling one arm.

“Was man flying?” Eolande asked, finding herself at the front of the crowd, having been in the seat directly beside where the man fell into the aisle. Noklie remained seated, his head in his hands.

“Give the man some room!” Lana ordered, “Back to your seats, all of you!” There were complaints, but the kids shuffled their way, straining still to see. Eolande sat in her seat, but facing toward the aisle and stretching as much as she could to get closer. Lana approached the man, bending down.

“Are you okay?”

“Uh- yeah-” Will groaned, blinking through the dust in his eyes to peer up at her.

“And what were you doing in the ventilation?”

Will flushed, “I was uh- mapping out the shafts. The building maps are off and I figured it’d be a good… thing… to do.” He gestured uselessly toward a notebook that was half hidden by plaster, having dropped it on the way down. It was with a hidden smile that Lana was reaching down to grasp Will’s uninjured arm and help him to his feet, innocently commenting,

“Well you didn’t have to go and fall for me like that.”

Will stumbled and his reply came out in a rush of embarrassment and he messed up with each word. “I- I didn’t- I’m sorry about your ceiling I promise I’ll get that fixed.” The boy raised a hand to his hair, entirely befuddled by the situation he’d managed to wedge himself in. Quickly his hand fell down once more however, as he remembered his broken arm was hanging quite painfully. “I just- wanted to map it out and the vent started to give. It must have needed reinforcement here, maybe it was because of the fumes from chemistry-”

“It’s alright.” Lana interrupted, smiling still, and her eyes flickered around the room. “You should head to the infirmary, though. That arm looks horrible… here…” She reached forward and undid the tie that went with his university uniform – something that very few of the university students wore, though the academy students were fairly good at remaining in uniform. Ignoring his blush, she redid the tie over his shoulder as a makeshift sling. Not the most sturdy of assembles, but it would tide him over until he could get proper medical attention.

“Noklie still needs go too!” Eolande spoke up, once more making the cerberus rest his head in his hands. “Can Eolande go now? Go with flying man and Noklie Berues? Want to make sure both are safe!”

Lana sighed now, looking toward the two students, “Noklie, you may go with Will. Eolande, I told you, you don’t need to accompany them. Why don’t you join Katniss and Monica, since Noklie is leaving? I’ll sweep up this debris until we can figure out what to do with it.”

The girl, while disappointed, seemed appeased by this suggestion. Hopping up from her chair, she headed toward the two girls who waved pleasantly enough, dragging a chair over for her to sit. Noklie slowly stood up, eyeing Will cautiously before heading for the door. Will hesitated a moment, before hopping to it and hurrying after the boy, calling behind him, “Sorry about your ceiling! I’ll come by later to patch it up, promise!”


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