Bullies Are Nothing New

Friday, 12/13/2250

“‘And I’m not interested.’ Write that.” The raven haired girl dictated as she lounged back on the couch, watching the boy with a sharp eye. Teddy Ashes sat on the ground, back against the cushions and steadily typing on a phone as he stared blankly at the screen.

At her words, he merely replied, “Yes.”

The girl, Rayden Sarcia, wrinkled her nose. “Stop saying that. It’s fucking freaky.”


“You’re not listening to me.”

“No.” A clean, simple admittance and Rayden suddenly snatched the phone away from him. She shot the boy a glare.

“That’s not what I told you to write!”


Rayden sat up on the couch, gripping the phone as she clumsily tapped on the screen, unable to pull up the keyboard until after several attempts. Slowly typing in a response of her own to fix the damage Teddy had surely done, texting as himself rather than the words she told him to. She shoved the boy away with her foot and Teddy stood up to take a step away, turning to watch her. Rayden furrowed her eyebrows, giving a huff before holding the phone up toward the boy.

“I hit this to send, right?” Teddy shook his head and Rayden narrowed her eyes in confusion. “Are you sure?” He nodded, raising a hand and pointing but not touching the screen.


Rayden quickly pulled the phone back to herself, but when she clicked the button indicated, one of her words disappeared from the input line. She scowled up at him. “You did that on purpose,” she accused, feeling foolish for believing him. The button looked like an arrow, it should send. After a moment, she hit the button that she had thought to press, and just like that the input disappeared and words re-appeared in the conversation. There, she fixed his damage.

With that done, she stood up. Taking a step toward Teddy with her arms crossed. “I told you what to write.”


“Why didn’t you write it then?” She wasn’t answered by anything other than that continuous blank stare. She wouldn’t admit it, but it unnerved her. He was twelve, how the hell did he do that? “You’re fucking stupid.” Still no response and in frustration she took a step forward and shoved him. The boy stumbled backwards and finally looked away, though his face remained passive. “Did you come out of your mom wrong or something? Hatch too early?”

Only then did Teddy show an expression, his eyes knitting together in confusion. “I am not an egg.” He replied, not sure why she would even think so. “My Mother did not birth me.”

“Who the hell did then?”

“My biological parent.” His confusion disappeared from his face as his eyes turned back to hers. “Not my mother.”

“It’s the same thing, idiot.”


Rayden groaned in frustration. He was so fucking weird, why couldn’t he show any emotion? He didn’t even care that she was taunting him and he seemed to think his mom wasn’t even his mom. That was just cold. Finally she was moving her hands to her hips and taking another step forward to loom over him.

“Stop doing that!” She snapped, “Stop staring at me! Stop following me around! And you’re not touching my phone anymore, if you can’t do as you’re told!”

“Hey!” A new voice rung out, filled with aggravation. Rayden turned with annoyance as she recognized that chalkboard voice. Aelita stood a step inside the common room, by the archway. “Stop bothering him.” She hissed.

Rayden glared at her, “I’m not bothering him, he’s being a little shit.”

“No he’s not.” Aelita crossed the room to stand a couple feet from Rayden, glancing at Teddy. The boy turned to stare at her instead, waiting. Aelita had to admit he was kinda weird, but she wasn’t about to just let Rayden talk to him like that. She was a prefect, after all. Her eyes flickered to the phone in the dragon’s grasp. “You were making him type for you again, weren’t you?”

“I wasn’t making him!” Rayden defended, “He was perfectly willing! And then he went and started typing a lot of crap that I didn’t tell him to. He made a fool of me.” She shot another glare at Teddy.

“Maybe you shouldn’t be making a second year type for you then.” Aelita countered, raising an eyebrow to mock, “I’d think a seventh year would have figured out how to text by now. It’s not hard.”

“Well not all of us have our face glued to the screen every minute of the day.” She snapped back, “I’m not letting some second year mess with me like that.”

“He’s not messing with you, you gave him control of your phone. He can do whatever he pleases if you’re doing that. Maybe I should give you a detention.”

“Go ahead. Just make sure you give him one too for messing with my property!” Rayden crossed her arms, hands balled into fists.

“I’m not giving him detention. You need to stop bullying people, or I’m going to go to the headmaster.”

Rayden raised an eyebrow, “You’re seriously going to go that far? You really have cracked.”

“What do you mean I’ve cracked?” Her voice instantly went higher, as she rubbed her hands together, wanting very much to hit the dragon. An aggressive urge that was most unlike her.

Rayden smirked, “Everyone knows it. You’re cracking, little miss perfect. Nice to see you get what’s coming to you for a change.”

“Say that again.” A threat in her tone, but Rayden didn’t care.

“You’re breaking down and even your best friend doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. Figures, you’ve always been an insufferable priss.”

“I’m giving you five detentions now.”

“Really?” Rayden rolled her eyes, “That’s all you can do? You’re pathetic. Fine, give me a detention. At least I can hold myself together.” With that, the dragon began to stalk away, heading for the door and Aelita called after her.

“That’s six!”

“Whatever!” She passed through the doorway and Aelita struggled to relax her fists as she turned back to Teddy. The boy’s eyes had done nothing but move between the two girls as they fought. “Are you okay?” Aelita asked, her voice strained. Teddy didn’t respond and Aelita let out a long breath. “Right. Okay. Just, let me know if Rayden keeps pushing you around, okay?”


At least he replied, Aelita thought. After a moment, she nodded. “Great, I’m going to head to my room. You should too, it’s getting late. You should be in bed by now.” Not late for her, it was only nine thirty. She’d surely be up for a couple more hours doing her homework. Teddy still didn’t speak, wordlessly turning and heading out of the room.

Aelita watched him go, her eyes looking to the ceiling, closing them and taking one more big breath.


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