Text: Ross to Jay

Saturday, 12/15/2250

Ross Blackhall 11:08 PM: This place is a fucking mess
Jay Gardner 11:12 PM: Why is it that the only time you message me is to complain?
Ross Blackhall 11:15 PM: Oh, I’m sorry Jay, do you need love and affection and cuddle time with Ross?
Jay Gardner 11:16 PM: Shut up and tell me what’s going on, god knows none of the kids do.
Ross Blackhall 11:17 PM: You’re their grandfather, not their father, you know, they’re not all going to text you at once when something happens
Jay Gardner 11:17 PM: Yeah? But what about their parents who are my kids. Or my nieces and nephews or cousins?
Ross Blackhall 11:19 PM: Anyways, I told you about those Rede girls, yeah?
Jay Gardner 11:21 PM: Yeah, what about them?
Ross Blackhall 11:25 PM: Well if you had come to the school’s concert last night, you’d know that the elder of the pair fainted and fell off the stage
Jay Gardner 11:27 PM: Oo, ouch. And I told you all I couldn’t come, I’m in Vancouver.
Ross Blackhall 11:31 PM: Excuses excuses
Ross Blackhall 11:32 PM: I checked on her in the infirmary, apparently she wasn’t getting enough sleep or eating right, but then I come back and find out from one of my prefects that this 7th year took the pieces of her violin that broke when she fell, yeah?
Ross Blackhall 11:33 PM: Get this, she threw them in the fire, only the strings are left
Jay Gardner 11:34 PM: Well that’s kind of fucked up
Ross Blackhall 11:35 PM: Even worse was it was a violin that her dad gave her, the dad who just died
Jay Gardner 11:36 PM: 1. How do you know all this? 2. You sound like a gossipy old man
Ross Blackhall 11:37 PM: 1. Said prefect told me. 2. Rude.
Jay Gardner 11:38 PM: What did you do about it?
Ross Blackhall 11:40 PM: I gave hr a couple detentions. She bitched, I didn’t care.
Ross Blackhall 11:41 PM: Now i think i know what I’m going to get Aelita for christmas though
Jay Gardner 11:43 PM: No, you wouldn’t
Ross Blackhall 11:45 PM: I mean, I’m not fucking using it
Jay Gardner 11:48 PM: It’s your hoarded shit man, I can’t tell you not to give it away to teenagers
Jay Gardner 11:49 PM: Well, I can, but I’m not going to.
Ross Blackhall 11:51 PM: Yeah, I’m going to go check and see that no one is about to set the house on fire, talk to you tomorrow.
Jay Gardner 11:53 PM: Night



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