Fish Out Of Water

Mon. 12/16/2250 – By Kayla Salmon

It had been almost three weeks since Thanksgiving break when all hell had broken loose in the basements and his class area had been almost torn to shreds, but everything was finally looking normal again. He’d managed to get new desks to replace the ones that had been broken beyond repair and he’d gotten out all of the hellfire scorch marks that a certain hellhound had left.

It was fourth period, one of his free periods on Mondays, and he was cleaning beakers and some of the pots and cauldrons that they used to brew the potions. It was like an odd collection of old and new technology in the room, but it couldn’t be argued that some potions didn’t brew properly unless they were brewed in a cauldron. He always had to set aside some time in this period to check on the equipment, as the class prior was for the first year students and they weren’t exactly the most responsible lot. The next class would be much more relaxing as it was his Research class, made up of students who wished to be in the class, rather than it being a requirement.

A knock sounded on the door and Marius looked up from the beaker, setting the glass down on the counter and moving to unlock the door. He didn’t have office hours and he usually kept the door locked so he could get some peace and quiet while he cleaned. However, it wasn’t a student on the other side of the door, but the school’s nurse.

“Hello Ourani,” he said, smiling slightly. They were on a first name basis if only because she often got potions from him to keep the infirmary stocked and they had both been working at the academy for a similar amount of time. It also helped that they were the same breed, though the nurse very rarely brought that up. “What brings you all the way down here?”

“Marius,” She said, returning the greeting cheerfully, “You know, the usual. Teachers and students who can’t go a week without hurting themselves,” she said rolling her eyes and stepping into the classroom. Marius had two different potion labs, one for the lowerclassmen and one for the upperclassmen, but the former was the largest since those classes usually had more students in attendance.

“Also, way down here? Pfft,” she said, looking around the room, tucking some of her blue hair behind her ear, “I’m literally one floor above you. I’m not Rodney you know,” she said.

Marius gave a shrug and nodded, “Of course not,” he agreed, “Much too pretty for that,” he complimented. “Do you need anything besides healing potions?”

“Not right now, no, all the injuries recently just kind of wiped me out of the basic healing potions,” She explained, leaning against one of the counters as Marius unlocked one of the supply closets, “Wait, actually, can I get some of the Blood Replenishing ones? I’m getting kind of low on those, apparently bleeding to death is a new fad.”

“No problem,” he agree with a chuckle, grabbing a plastic crate that he kept on the bottom shelves and began gentling placing some of the bottles inside it. “Yeah, things seem to have hit the fan since Blackhall came to the school.”

“You’re telling me,” She groaned. “I managed to go through three months worth of potions in like, one month.”

“I’m sure it’ll even out soon enough,” He consoled, pushing himself to his feet. He leaned over and grabbed the the crate and set it on the counter beside her. “This should tide you over until I make some more.”

“Ha,” She said, placing a hand on the crate and nodding, “let’s hope so. I think it’s become a rite of passage here, you can only be a member of the academy after you’ve been in some life or death situation, that I, of course, have to deal with,” she added, sounding dry, but not truly upset.

He let out a short laugh, “I guess I’m not a proper staff member then,” he said, as he himself had never had anything happen, “unless you want to reference how someone always seems to explode or set one of my classrooms on fire, in which case, I’m covered.”

“That counts,” she said, nodding in agreement. “And then there’s me, having to patch them all up, you’d all be lost without me.”

“I don’t know about that,” Marius teased, “Professor Tyrell over at the university is a doctor, you know.”

“Ha,” She exclaimed, grabbing the crate, “As if she could replace me, she’d be running in circles at the end of the first day.”

“Of course, no one could replace you,” Marius agreed, walking over and opening the door for the nurse. “Oh, do you know if Kassem is going out of town again for winter break?” He asked, “I’d like to have a little more heads up if I’m needed to watch the Ravens again.”

She shifted the crate in her arms in and looked thoughtful. “I don’t think so, but I’ll mention it to her,” she promised, “You will be around, right?”

“Of course, as always.”

“Good,” her smiled widened, “Then you’ll be around for whatever gets planned for New Years Eve.”

“Oh good Lord,” he groaned, remembering the year previous, “I’d rather stay in.”

“Nope,” she said, still grinning, “Okay, I better get back before someone comes in with all their limbs broken.” She nodded as she headed towards the stairs that would bring her back up to the Primary Building and he waited until she was out of sight before shutting the door. He needed to finish cleaning up before his Research students arrived.


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