Crash Course

Wed. 12/18/2250 – By Rebecca Green

Lunette teetered along, hardly able to see over the package she held gingerly in both arms. A two foot tall box, wrapped in a blanket. It held one of her more… sensitive experiments, and with winter break beginning the next day, she couldn’t risk leaving it in the potions lab. Instead, she’d bring it home with her and keep an eye on it there. Vann had given her a permission slip in case she were to be questioned, which she had been by a prefect just outside the Primary Building. They’d left her alone after she presented the slip, but she’d still gotten quite the look.

She dashed away soon enough, across the grounds. Quickly, as she couldn’t risk the experiment getting too cold- the reason for a blanket wrapped around its entirety. Her father would be there to pick her up in two hours and most of her stuff was packed – though Lunette had needed to forgo several of her heavier sweaters in favor of making room for this package.

Of course she would run into someone.

Anoubis Blackgate, a Raven prefect, being that someone.

The boy had been rounding the corner from the common room into the main hall of the house, Lunette having just dashed through the doors into the the haven of warmth. She crashed right into him, stumbling backwards and the box smooshed between them before tumbling out of her hands. She squealed and the boy began to sputter out apologies, but Lunette was quicker to react.

The cardinal rule for Lunette was that she lacked fight or flight instincts, and when presented with a stressful situation she would freeze more often than not until snapped out of it. Just the other day, when that freak of a first year had gone all psycho on her and Koda, she had been frozen until Koda yelled at her.

This, however, was an exception to the rule. She worked in potions and chemistry on a constant basis and it wasn’t too rare for something to start smoking and require immediate action. Vann had gotten on her case when it first happened and she hadn’t reacted quickly enough- her shirt caught on fire and the potions professor had to put it out for her. She’d learned after that and now, as the package on the ground began to smoke, Lunette lurched forward to grab the boy by the hand and hurry past him, dragging him with her as she exclaimed.

“We have to get away!”

“What are you – ?” The boy was cut off as she released him and pointed to where the box was slowly disintegrating. Acid ate away at the carpet and upon the appearance of embers, Lunette whipped around and found herself a fire extinguisher while the boy stood in confusion, watching her as he fidgeted between his feet.

She aimed the extinguisher at the quickly borne flames and soon they disappeared under a flurry of white fluff. There was a grin on her face, despite the ruined experiment.

Behind her, Anoubis finally forced words out of his mouth, “What was that?!”

“It was an experiment of snake venom and – uh -” she went pink, “Some blood.”

“Some blood?” He replied suspiciously, eyeing her and the foam on the ground. Underneath, the wooden floor was probably permanently scarred. Thankfully, before he could interrogate her further, a door opened across the hall and Lana Kassem, their head, came out.

“What in the world is happening out here?” She demanded as she looked between the pair, one hand against her hijab in exasperation.

Anoubis shook his head. “I ran into her and she dropped- whatever that is-”

“I have a permission slip from Vann!” Lunette cut in quickly, stuffing her hand into her pocket, “It’s my potions experiment. It’s really acidic and I added newts eye so it reacted quickly.”

“Why on Earth were you making that?”

Lunette’s brush of pink deepened to a red. “Uh-” She struggled to come up with a reason for what had largely been happenstance, “I heard that everyone said that snake venom and um… unicorn blood, had such medical potential but it always reacted too explosively, so I wanted to see if I could stabilize it.” That sounded appropriate, did it not?

Nevertheless, Kassem’s eyebrow raised. “Unicorn blood?” Lunette mutely nodded. “Well I hope you had permission for that too.” There was another nod, more enthusiastic this time. Technically, yes. She had gotten permission from Vann to use the substance. He hadn’t really looked at the slip when he’d signed it, as he got the requests from her all the time and trusted her to know what she was doing. But she had been responsible with it- everything would have been fine if she hadn’t run into this guy. “Do you know how to clean this up?”

“Yeah, I’ve done it before.”

“Good, get to it then. Anoubis, can you help her?”

“Yes Ma’am.” The boy replied astutely, straightening up as he had been looking between them in utter confusion.

The head nodded. “Alright then. Do be more careful, Lunette. If that had dropped on a student it could have done serious damage- get help next time you carry a harmful substance. Or better yet, leave it in the labs.”

Lunette elected not to try and explain that it couldn’t stay in the lab. Instead she watched as Kassem made her way back to her room, before she sprung into action, going to retrieve some rags and put Anoubis to work.


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