Strongwind Academy is an universe that contains dozens of characters, and equal as many stories to tell. There are currently three authors working together to tell these tales in the form of near-daily posts of their lives and the text conversations between them. The world begins in 2250, over 200 years after magical beings let the world know they still existed, and had never truly left. This is a world where your neighbor could be a vampire, an elf, a wizard or any number of other creatures. They work to live in peace, and Strongwind Academy is the school in the center of it all.

Our regular posts will begin in November 2017, but until then you can catch the first month worth of posts already up on our website.

If you’d prefer you can follow specific characters through their tags. You can leave comments and tell us who you want to see more of. Or, if you’re like us, you can obsess over each one and read them all repeatedly. We’re absolutely in love with this world, and we hope you will be too.