Text: Miska to Mey

Thurs. 12/12/2250

Miska Erdos 7:48 PM: How ya doing, Mey?
Xeremey Flurez 8:10 PM: I’m good. What’s up?
Miska Erdos 8:14 PM: Oh cool, you’re not dating anyone right now, right?
Xeremey Flurez 8:25 PM: No, not right now.
Miska Erdos 8:27 PM: K, I’m not either, and I figure since neither of us is seeing anyone, we should totally go to the masquerade as friends or whatever
Miska Erdos 8:28 PM: You know what I mean, just cause it seems like a fun theme this year and I’d rather not go stag
Xeremey Flurez 8:35 PM: That sounds like fun. I’m not sure it’d be a great idea tho.
Miska Erdos 8:37 PM: Why not?
Xeremey Flruez 8:43 PM: It just sounds like it would be awkward. We broke up, after all. Aren’t you upset with me?
Miska Erdos 8:46 PM: I mean, I guess I was a litte upst that we broke it off when it happened, but it’s not like you had a contract that you had to stay with me.
Xeremey Flurez 8:50 PM: Yeah, I’m sorry it happened so suddenly. But I’m not sure we should go together.
Miska Erdos 8:55 PM: Okay, like I said, I figured I’d ask
Xeremey Flurez 9:01 PM: I’m really sorry 😦 I hope you find someone to go with.
Miska Erdos 9:05 PM: Nah babe, don’t worry about it, I’ll ask around or just man it up and go by myself 😉
Xeremey Flurez 9:10 PM: Okay, have fun!
Miska Erdos 9:12 PM: Thanks, you too, have a good winter break

Text: Ross to Jay

Sat. 12/7/2251

Ross Blackhall 8:37 AM: So, you’ll never guess who I ran into last weekend.
Jay Gardner 8:56 AM: Who?
Ross Blackhall 9:30 AM: You know, a certain man. Typically blonde hair, blue eyes. Hella powerful. Goes by the name Levi.
Jay Gardner 10:03 AM: What?
Jay Gardner 10:05 AM: What’s he doing there???
Ross Blackhall 10:07 AM: Apparently Uriel asked him to hang around. He’s teaching magic.
Ross Blackhall 10:08 AM: I’m kind of surprised that you didn’t hear his name from any of the kids, to be honest.
Jay Gardner 10:10 AM: No, I didn’t, they mentioned a new magic professor, but not a name
Jay Gardner 10:11 AM: Does Rodney know who he is???
Ross Blackhall 10:20 AM: Apparently not, Levi asked me not to say anything to him.
Ross Blackhall 10:21 AM: But you’re not Rodney, and I can’t really ask the guy who owns my soul to not say something.
Jay Gardner 10:24 AM: Look at you being devious and beating the system.
Ross Blackhall 10:25 AM: Hell yeah
Ross Blackhall 10:27 AM: Though I do highly recommend not saying anything. If Uriel asked him to be here, then it might not be smart to piss off an archangel.
Jay Gardner 10:29 AM: There hasn’t been any problems, has there?
Ross Blackhall 10:31 AM: No, but I saw him and almost had a panic attack.
Jay Gardner 10:35 AM: Ross, seriously, I know he’s fond of you and our family, but do you actually trust him? Especially around kids? You’ve said before, he’s like a tank, what if he snaps and hurts someone?
Ross Blackhall 10:37 AM: I’ve never really seen him snap is the thing, he seems to have pretty good patience, which you’d need given everything.
Jay Gardner 10:42 AM: Can you please keep an eye on him, just in case
Jay Gardner 10:43 AM: And of course if the media finds out it’ll be a shit storm over there, Uriel’s making it bad enough, but given the time she almost threw a newscaster off the roof, they’ve been hanging back
Ross Blackhall 10:47 AM: At this point I’m kind of keeping an eye on EVERYTHING
Jay Gardner 10:49 AM: Okay, keep me posted


Text: Cleo to Ayato

Thurs. 12/5/2250

Cleo Sommerfield 8:39 PM: Ugh, I wanna come cuddle but I gotta finish this stupid essay. What are you up to?
Ayato Caven 8:45 PM: Oh hey, I was watching a show. Not doing much else. Sorry about your stupid essay. We can totally cuddle later.
Cleo Sommerfield 8:54 PM: Np, I’m just about done now, but then I have to finish the math homework too
Cleo Sommerfield 8:56 PM: How are you not swamped with homework
Ayato Caven 8:57 PM: Homework is literal hell, I feel for you. And I spent a good chunk of time earlier doing some of mine. It’s not done but close enough and it counts
Cleo Sommerfield 9:01 PM: Look at you being all adult like. I put it off and took a nap.
Cleo Sommerfield 9:03 PM: I think I’m going to finish everything tonight so i can relax the rest of the week. What are you watching?
Ayato Caven 9:06 PM: Yes, I am adult, watch me be adult.
Ayato Caven 9:07 PM: And idk, some old movie about a shark going on a rampage and killing people. Lots of blood.
Cleo Sommerfield 9:10 PM: Niiice, i think my brother made me watch that once. Doesn’t the guy punch the shark in the nose?
Ayato Caven 9:13 PM: Yeah yeah, I just saw that part. Didn’t seem to help much, sadly. Kinda stupid if you ask me, going out on the sea with a killer shark, but whatever
Cleo Sommerfield 9:15 PM: Ikr?Hurr let’s go into te ocean even tho it’s completely avoidable and piss of the giant man eating shark!
Ayato Caven 9:17 PM: But he had to do it for the sake of the town, Cleo
Ayato Caven 9:18 PM: Anyway, I got a question. Answer truthfully now, don’t worry about hurting my feelings, okay?
Ayato Caven 9:20 PM: You want to go to the Masquerade with me?
Cleo Sommerfield 9:27 PM: Sure, you know I’m not much for the dresses and girly stuff, but I think it’ll be fun. I’ve never actually gone to any of the Christmas Ball things they do.
Ayato Caven 9:30 PM: You don’t have to dress up, just wear your normal jeans and tanks. I’m not expecting anything big; I don’t have a suit anyway and I’m not gonna buy one just for one ball. Just you and me and a fun evening. If you’ll be around by then, that is.
Cleo Sommerfield 9:34 PM: Of course I’ll be around, I’m hoping to spend most of the break with you
Ayato Caven 9:37 PM: Okay, great. Nice change of pace to spend time with you when we don’t have school.
Cleo Sommerfield 9:39 PM: Yeah, agreed, I wanted to invite you over for Thanksgiving but there didn’t seem to be a good time
Ayato Caven 9:40 PM: A good time? Oh, gee, it couldn’t have been a good time when we were actually talking about it, could it?
Cleo Sommerfield 9:42 PM: See, like that
Cleo Sommerfield 9:42 PM: fekgjner;
Cleo Sommerfield 9:43 PM: Sorry, Dee was messing around and took my phone. But yeah, when I brought up Thanksgiving you got kind of nasty with me, so I didn’t think you’d want to spend it with me or my family.
Ayato Caven 9:45 PM: I didn’t get nasty, Cleo. I was just answering your questions; I didn’t know honesty was considered getting nasty. And tell your sister to mind her own business, I’m not dating her.
Cleo Sommerfield 9:47 PM: I get that you have a lot of problems that I can’t get, like with your family situation, but you do get really nasty to me whenever it gets brought up.
Cleo Sommerfield 9:48 PM: Family means a lot to me and my sister is my best friend and I want you two to just like each other, or at least get along for my sake
Ayato Caven 9:50 PM: You don’t get it.
Cleo Sommerfield 9:53 PM: Why don’t you try explaining it and talking to me about it instead of just shutting down?
Cleo Sommerfield 10:02 PM: So are you going to ignore me?
Cleo Sommerfield 10:23 PM: When you act like this is the main reason my sister doesn’t like you
Cleo Sommerfield 10:45 PM: Night


Text: Dora to Aelita

Tues. 12/03/2250

Dora Santos 4:48 PM: Lita?
Dora Santos 4:51 PM: Lita please come back
Dora Santos 4:53 PM: I hate to see you upset
Dora Santos 4:58 PM: Aelita, don’t do this
Dora Santos 5:01 PM: We’re still best friends
Dora Santos 5:04 PM: Please answer me
Dora Santos 5:06 PM: I’m really worried about you
Dora Santos 5:09 PM: I’m sorry I don’t like you like that, I wish I did
Dora Santos 5:14 PM: You know the stuff I’ve been through
Dora Santos 5:16 PM: And, none of that kind of stuff sits well with me
Dora Santos 5:18 PM: I don’t know if I ever want to date anyone
Dora Santos 5:24 PM: It’s not you
Dora Santos 5:32 PM: Lita please come to dinner with me
Dora Santos 5:56 PM: Don’t make me go by myself
Dora Santos 6:29 PM: I can’t find you anywhere, I’m going to ask Blackhall for help
Dora Santos 8:32 PM: I’m going to run to the showers, do you ave your keys if you need to get back in?
Dora Santos 9:48 PM: I’m starting to drift off
Dora Santos 12:11 AM: Woke up, you’re still not here
Dora Santos 12:12 AM: The room feels empty
Dora Santos 12:13 AM: Come on, Lita, I know you’re still awake
Dora Santos 12:15 AM: I miss you

Text: Ross to Jay

Fri. 11/29/2250

Ross Blackhall 9:21 AM: I’m starting to think you want me dead
Ross Blackhall 9:23 AM: FIrst Vander attacked me, then she attacked me a second time
Ross Blackhall 9:24 AM: And the whole thing where a certain student stole my cross
Ross Blackhall 9:26 AM: And now, there’s fuckign werewolves runnign around, attacking students
Jay Gardner 9:36 AM: Wait what, werewolves???
Jay Gardner 9:37 AM: They have rooms in the basements that they get locked up in
Ross Blackhall 9:38 AM: Well they didn’t get locked up last night
Ross Blackhall 9:39 AM: Some of the students almost became puppy chow
Jay Gardner 9:40 AM: Is everyone alright?
Ross Blackhall 9:42 AM: As well as can be
Ross Blackhall 9:43 AM: You owe me so big for this, you have no idea
Jay Gardner 9:45 AM: What happened last night, exactly?
Ross Blackhall 9:51 AM: There was a huge blizzard and apparently everyone but me and that fallen angel on campus got stuck in their respective places cause white out conditions. There were some students hanging out int he primary building and two of the werewolves got stuck in there with them, and anoher got stuck in the uni dorm with two students.
Ross Blackhall 9:53 AM: I heard the howls so i got to the primary building in time, and me and the fallen managed to wrangle them into the padded rooms. I poofed over to check on the other building and found these two uni students holed up and apparently one of them had managed to get the other werewolf into a bathroom and barricaded the door with ice and snow and frozen furniture
Ross Blackhall 9:57 AM: If this shit is normal, I have a hard time believing you let all fo the Gardner Harper kids come here.
Jay Gardner 10:01 AM: I don’t think anything like this has happened, at least not to my knowledge
Jay Gardner 10:03 AM: Besides, it’s a good hands on learning eperience, dealing with these sorts of things
Ross Blackhall 10:05 AM: You have got to be kidding me
Jay Gardner 10:07 AM: Actually, I am not
Ross Blackhall 10:08 AM: That’s harsh man
Jay Gardner 10:10 AM: The world is a harsh place
Ross Blackhall 10:11 AM: Stfu, i’ll talk to you later


Text: Ross to Ourani

Thur. 11/28/2250

Ross Blackhall 8:42 PM: Hey, Ourani? This is Ross, we’re going to need you to come back down to the school ASAP
Ross Blackhall 8:43 PM: Like immediately
Ourani J’Dvouir 9:15 PM: I was having thanksgiving dinner, thank you very much, what the hell did you all manage to do.
Ross Blackhall 9:16 PM: Apparently Vander and Calver and another of the students over in Uni didn’t make it to the werewolf lock up on time cause of a fucking blizzard
Ross Blackhall 9:17 PM: And some of the students are kind of banged up.
Ross Blackhall 9:17 PM: Pretty sure the wolves are gonna need a look see once they’re back to normal
Ourani J’Dvouir 9:19 PM: You guys are fucking hopeless
Ourani J’Dvouir 9:20 PM: I’ll pack up and be there in two hours, tops. try not to let anyone die while you’re waiting.
Ross Blackhall 9:22 PM: Aye aye captain
Ross Blackhall 9:32 PM: Quick question, can a werwolf get frostbite if, say, he gets locked in a bathroom in the uni building that has been barricaded with ice?
Ourani J’Dvouir 9:40 PM: He’s not going to get frostbite, wolves are made for cold weather, particularly such large wolves.
Ourani J’Dvouir 9:42 PM: Who is injured? How bad is it? How are they injured?
Ross Blackhall 9:44 PM: Miska Erdos got knocked unconscious, but he’s awake and seems fine right now, Urisi Krist got scratched up pretty good because I guess she had changed into a porcupine and Vander tried to eat her, only quills, and she’s in shock pretty bad
Ross Blackhall 9:45 PM: One of the girls is unconscious and in a fox form, dunno whats wrong but she hasn’t woken up, might have a concussion
Ross Blackhall 9:47 PM: The rest from the primary building have minor injuries and are mostly shaken up, but there’s two guys over in the uni dorm, one got beat up pretty bad, a broken leg and some really deep cuts, he’s lost a decent amount of blood and seemed to be healing pretty slow because of it, if he doesn’t start healing soon i’m going to stitch him up
Ross Blackhall 9:49 PM: And then whatever injuries the wolves have, but we can’t exactly examine them right now, ad they’ll prolly be healed by morning
Ourani J’Dvouir 9:55 PM: ugh alright. Just get everyone bandaged up, if you can make a splint give it to the the uni kid. Give the fox and Urisi blankets, if you can get someone through the blizzard see if they have family that can come, Urisi is friends with Zayne Faust, he’s a raven. Keep Rhea and Adrian contained.
Ross Blackhall 9:56 PM: They’re in the lock up in the basement now, i’ll also see if i can set the bone for the kid in uni, I have some experience with it, but i’m not the official nurse so Murdoch wants you here as quick as you can
Ross Blackhall 9:58 PM: Drive safe, it’s still coming down out there
Ourani J’Dvouir 10:01 PM: On my way now, I’ll be there in forty five minutes tops.


Text: mySpell Part 2

Thur. 11/28/2250

Nikaia Smith 7:47 PM: [Image of desks against door on stairs] Ima fucking die down here fuCKING SHIT. LOOK AT THIS FUCKING BARRICADE HERE.
Allison Ash Replies At 7:48 PM: Guys it’s going to fall dwn on us when they get thrugh
Cleo Sommerfield Replies at 7:50 PM: Fucking shit balls, the one weekend we go home too
Koda Mordvinov Replies at 9:57 PM: I told you it was a fucking bad idea @Miska Erdos
Ramadin Hallebjorn 7:51 PM: [Image of Barkeep pinning Ian] And here we see an idiot in his natural habitat, trying to run home in the middle of a fuckin blizzard to fight werewolves.
Liv Hallebjorn Replies at 7:54 PM: What do you mean, fight werewolves?
Liv Hallebjorn Replies at 7:58 PM: WAIT THERE’S WEREWOLVES ON THE LOOSE??????
Ramadin Hallebjorn Replies at 8:01 PM: Apparently, William is all alone against them. Ninja boy get ‘em.
Will Murdoch 7:52 PM: Guys I’m trapped in the A/C vent system in the uni dorms with a werewolf, send reinforcements
Ramadin Hallebjorn Replies at 7:55 PM: Tough luck buddy. Just keep pressing x.
Will Murdoch Replies at 7:57 PM: [Image of inside of a vent shaft] I’m serious, he’s trying to get in, fuck your video game references
Nikaia Smith 7:55 PM: [Video of doors being rammed into] LUV U MOM.
Guinevere Rede 7:59 PM: [Image of Greenhouse barricade] We booked it to the greenhouse. Fuck werewolves man. Who the fuck are the wereolves anyway? Vander’s gotta be one of them.
Xeremy Flurez Replies at 8:03 PM: i bet it’s vann.
Svene Beaumont Replies at 8:07 PM: no way, it’s definitely Murdoch himself.
Monica Ikuto Replies at 8:09: I bet it’s Blackhall
Lunette Vander Replies at 8:13: He’s a demon, not a werewolf, and he’s *there*
Lunette Vander Replies at 8:17: He. Is there.
Aino Snow Replies at 8:18: THERES TWO OF HIM>
Nikaia Smith Replies at 8:12 PM: HE FUCKING LEFT US.
Nikaia Smith Replies at 8:12 PM: False alarm hes back with Muya, bATTLE IS ON BITCH
Malena Rivera Replies at 8:13 PM: Nikaia I swear to god I am going to tell your mother you’ve got a death wish will you please get out of the middle of the room
Eugene Cupid Replies at 8:17 PM: Wow glad I’m not on campus.
Will Murdoch 8:21 PM: Ha, done, took care of it. Manning the Uni dorm fort since there is literally no one else here.
Tamarin Hallebjorn Replies at 8:23 PM: holy crap, did you kill him?
Will Murdoch Replies at 8:25 PM: No, locked in a bathroom with a barricade
Ramadin Hallbjorn Replies at 8:26 PM: Aw yeah level up buddy
Miska Erdos Replies at 8:35 PM: But we didn’t