Friday, 12/20/2250 – by Nicole Adams. 

Adrian’s heart was still pounding, his sight dizzy, and he hardly knew how his legs hadn’t given out from under him. Maybe it was because the plan, the work, and the effort put into making sure everything went just right, had been worth it in the end. He’d sung, done his best to ignore the hundreds of eyes staring at him by focusing just on Rhea. He had shown more courage than he’d really thought he’d had as he pulled her into a dance. Now he had her by the hand, drawing her from the atrium and the crowd watching them go.

She had to have known, or at least suspected. He had seen the confusion and surprise in her eyes at the first note of the song, blaring above the noise of the crowd of students, the sharp blue fixing on him, her mind instantly working to identify him past the hair dye, the ornate mask, the colored contacts, and the dark clothes he’d donned. And, under suggestion from Aelita to make the ploy harder to see past in a second, he had changed the pitch of his voice to one deeper.

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Wednesday, 12/04/2250 – By Nicole Adams.

It hadn’t been a particularly trying day, which Ourani was grateful for. A few unruly students, as there always were, but the older years knew not to mess with her, and the younger ones were usually too wary to upset any professor. Stepping through the gate to her cottage, she closed it with a kick of her foot and then made her way up the short walk to the porch, and inside. It was quiet in the house, except for the soft noise of a T.V in one of the back bedrooms, and a smile crossed her face.

She shrugged off her coat, turning to a coat hanger and draping it over one arm. She tipped her head a bit and then called out as she stepped further into the room. “Aliel?” Listening for the sound of nails clicking against wood, and a smile crossing her face as it came. A dog, a whippet, edged into view. She was a light tan and white, and her floppy ears framed her tapered head. Extremely cautious, she slipped around the doorway and into the room.

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Meeting the Grandparents

Sat. 11/23/2250 – By Nichole Adams.

Getting around to asking Rhea if she wanted to go with him to see his grandparents hadn’t been easy. More than that, he wasn’t sure why he had asked her in the first place, his family wasn’t exactly the brady bunch. He had ended up making the hesitant offer through text, so if she refused him, he wouldn’t be left flailing as he tried to make an escape. But she had accepted, though originally their plans had been a bit muddled to start. Going back over the their texts, Adrian realized that Rhea might have been referring to a different activity altogether before she instead accepted his misdirection.Going back over the their texts, Adrian realized that Rhea might have been referring to a different activity altogether before she instead accepted his misdirection..

In the end, Rhea suggested a third approach- going first to the shooting range on Saturday, and then accompanying him up to Chicago on Sunday..  It hadn’t been a complete and utter disaster, despite it having been the first time he’d ever held a gun, though there had definitely been room for improvement. At least Rhea hadn’t been completely annoyed by him being there and was still up for their next daytrip together. That Sunday morning they set off right after breakfast. It wasn’t a long drive to the suburban outskirts of Chicago and it was a route Adrian was familiar enough with that he managed to strike up small conversation.

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Amongst the Books

Fri. 11/15/2250 – By Nichole Adams.

Adrian quite enjoyed his job as the Academy’s librarian. It was where he spent much of his time, even when he wasn’t technically working. His only regret was that he couldn’t actually hide away from the students when he was working, curling up on the couch in his office with a book and a cup of tea- no, he had to work, helping the students, checking books in and out and keeping the massive room clean, as well as monitoring the older students who frequently tried to abuse the Internet installed on the computers placed around the library.

At the moment, he was shelving books, a cart full of them that needed to go back in their rightful places on the shelves that dominated the room. He had already sorted them by the decimal system, and it was just a matter of going through the lot of them and making sure they were where they were supposed to go- a task interrupted by the appearance of the newest Professor on the staff. The demon, Ross, had a cup of liquid in his hand- with a lid, or else Adrian wouldn’t have hesitated to toss him out on his ear. But he had no reason right then to be rude and he was still feeling a bit remorseful for punching the guy in the face.

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Just Thinking

Thurs. 11/14/2250 – By Nichole Adams.

It was late afternoon on a Thursday, the week nearly over and the weekend fast approaching. The upcoming winter holidays were leading to a sort of expectation in the air, but just then, it was work as usual.  The weather was cold, even more than usual for that time of year, requiring a few extra layers of clothing even for those who enjoyed the cold. But the sun shone and the sky was cloudless, despite the coating of snow on the ground.

Off to one side of the Primary Building was the staff housing, several roads of cottages with modest yards and small garages or carports. Sitting on one of the covered porches was a familiar figure; the tall and lanky form of the librarian sat lounging in a porch swing, his feet braced on the floor and rocking a bit back and forth. A book lay next to him on the cushion, closed, with a bookmark sticking out from the top. As he sat in the cold, he wore a comfortable tan jacket layered over his shirt to keep him warm. He was gazing at the sinking sun, his hands in his lap as he enjoyed the quiet of the moment, wrapped up in thoughts of the past couple of days.

The demon had caused quite the stir and the single encounter with the man had Adrian trying to make sense of everything that had happened since. He had never been one for violence just for the sake of violence and that made his reaction to Ross all the more confusing.

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