Cracks in the Ice

Fri. 11/22/2250 – By Rebecca Green.

Eventually, Aelita did go to bed. After a long, good, quiet cry over her scrapbook anyway. She worked hard not to wake Dora and normally she would be up long, long before the Selkie and often be gone altogether. Except she was absolutely exhausted and would be found snoozing away when Dora finally did wake up. Thankfully, Dora didn’t bother her, probably assuming that Aelita had crashed and needed her sleep for once, rather than staying up late and waking early all in the name of grades and practice.

Going to her little sister’s dorm made her feet feel heavy. She knocked on the girl’s door, knowing that Gwen would usually wake up at her roommate’s alarm and then stay in bed until her own alarm told her she had ten minutes to class. Awake, but not up, and Aelita was greeted by a groan and the distinct sound of a pillow being thrown, the door shaking from the blow. It was good-natured and Aelita could imagine Gwen grinning tiredly into the mattress.

She took a deep breath before pushing the door open. Glad, at least, that their mother hadn’t decided to tell Gwen in the same jarring, impersonal manner she had told Aelita. Gwen wouldn’t be so accepting. As expected, Gwen was tangled in her mess of a bed, the foot covered with crumbled papers. A stark contrast from the opposite side of the room where Camilla’s currently empty bed and desk were clean and organized.

“Gwen, I need to talk to you.”

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Duties of a Prefect

Fri. 11/15/2250 – By Kayla Salmon.


Dora was an exemplary prefect. She got good grades and she was kind and helpful to the younger students, while also being strict and firm with those who broke the rules. She was a motherly type and while plenty of the students looked up to Aelita, the seventh year was very busy planning for graduation and sending out applications to universities, and sometimes the other students would turn to her in Aelita’s stead. She pulled her coat tighter around her as she walked carefully up the path to the Eagle’s House. The sidewalks had been salted, but that didn’t mean they weren’t slippery or sometimes still slightly iced over.

It was something of a topic at the academy, and in town, the sharp change in the weather. It had become unseasonably cold very quickly, and Halloween had been a hurried affair in the twilight hours due to the dropping temperatures. In just the first week of November, snow was already coming down on them on a regular basis and the lake was quickly freezing up. It was definitely odd since in all her previous years these sorts of temperatures didn’t normally arrive until the end of November.

Dragging the door open, she was greeted by the familiar sounds and smells of the Eagle House. Even though Reid tried to keep a strict enforcement of holiday decorations, some Christmas lights were already strung through the hand rails of the stairs and on the curtains throughout the common room. It was probably one of the Sommerfield girls, just to annoy the older prefect. Dora hung her scarf on the large crowded rack by the door and kicked off her boots, putting them on a shelf that they kept by the door so snow and the rock salt wouldn’t be dragged through the house.

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Sticky Fingers

Tues. 11/19/2250 – By Rebecca Green.


It was absurd. Why would a demon wear a cross? Word had spread across the campus and, of course, Aelita had heard the rumor that under the collar of his shirt, Blackhall – Blackhell, as she preferred to call him – bore a rosary necklace. She snorted at the thought; what could a demon even do with a cross? Didn’t it burn their skin? That and holy water. She wanted to try and buy a vial, just to try it out, if he was supposedly immune to crosses.

Aelita had confirmed the suspicion after taking a few dozen pictures of the man from the back of the room where she sat in his history class, determined to capture a glimpse of the item beneath his shirt. She’d eventually proven successful. It wasn’t a terribly impressive thing, tiny, but it was definitely a cross and before she could consider the rationality that this might not be a good idea, Aelita had already put her plan into action.

Gwen, Aelita’s younger sister, was put in charge of guard duty.

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Amongst the Books

Fri. 11/15/2250 – By Nichole Adams.

Adrian quite enjoyed his job as the Academy’s librarian. It was where he spent much of his time, even when he wasn’t technically working. His only regret was that he couldn’t actually hide away from the students when he was working, curling up on the couch in his office with a book and a cup of tea- no, he had to work, helping the students, checking books in and out and keeping the massive room clean, as well as monitoring the older students who frequently tried to abuse the Internet installed on the computers placed around the library.

At the moment, he was shelving books, a cart full of them that needed to go back in their rightful places on the shelves that dominated the room. He had already sorted them by the decimal system, and it was just a matter of going through the lot of them and making sure they were where they were supposed to go- a task interrupted by the appearance of the newest Professor on the staff. The demon, Ross, had a cup of liquid in his hand- with a lid, or else Adrian wouldn’t have hesitated to toss him out on his ear. But he had no reason right then to be rude and he was still feeling a bit remorseful for punching the guy in the face.

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Waiting For Class

Mon. 11/11/2250 – By Rebecca Green.


If the mermaid had her way, Rhea would have never escaped Ourani’s clutches. She meant well, but Rhea couldn’t stay holed up in the infirmary for more than a day, and it had been all weekend. For once in her life she was very thankful for Monday and the ability to insist on her release because she had a class to teach. Which, in itself, was still quite aggravating. The crutches that she bore tucked under her arm hindered her movement and the pain that erupted each time she tried to put weight on her leg meant that she wasn’t going to be able to teach her body-dependent defense classes very well for a week or two.

Rhea huffed as she reached the door, a thick binder that she had spent most of her time organizing tucked under her arm. She hadn’t used it much since she started teaching just over four years ago, but now was a time that called for the many worksheets and papers she could give the kids. She could still have them spar for practice, but they needed instruction first.

It was a bit of a struggle as she bent her elbow out and stretched up on her good foot to try and turn the knob, but before she managed it a voice came from behind her.

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Hidden Pearls

Sun. 11/10/2250 – By Rebecca Green.


The Auditorium was a large room, with towering walls and a balcony that held even more rows of chairs to compliment those below. Maroon velvet curtains draped across the stage on their rods, separating the stage where actors and musicians and stage crew would make their magic from the audience below. The room was well utilized for concerts and programs, and perhaps most notably for its consistent end of the year graduation ceremony for the seventh years.

At the moment, it was devoid of the many students that would use it or the surrounding music rooms for practice. However, that didn’t mean it wasn’t empty.  Adrian Calver, the librarian of the Academy, stood on the platform with his eyes furrowed in concentration as he struggled to get the C sharp vibrato just right. He wasn’t aware that anyone else would be coming- it was fantastically early and the sun had yet to rise.

As one might expect, the solitude wasn’t to last. Just outside in the halls approached the tall blonde seventh year, Aelita Rede. Her violin case hung at her side, a folder tucked under her arm, and her pair of ballet shoes under one finger against the case handle. It was early, but she was rather used to getting up at this time or else staying late to practice her art. She didn’t usually run into anyone else, but today her hand rested on the knob longer than usual as she tilted her head and stretched to peek through the window before entering quietly.

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