Text: Ross to Jay

Saturday, 12/15/2250

Ross Blackhall 11:08 PM: This place is a fucking mess
Jay Gardner 11:12 PM: Why is it that the only time you message me is to complain?
Ross Blackhall 11:15 PM: Oh, I’m sorry Jay, do you need love and affection and cuddle time with Ross?
Jay Gardner 11:16 PM: Shut up and tell me what’s going on, god knows none of the kids do.
Ross Blackhall 11:17 PM: You’re their grandfather, not their father, you know, they’re not all going to text you at once when something happens
Jay Gardner 11:17 PM: Yeah? But what about their parents who are my kids. Or my nieces and nephews or cousins?
Ross Blackhall 11:19 PM: Anyways, I told you about those Rede girls, yeah?
Jay Gardner 11:21 PM: Yeah, what about them?
Ross Blackhall 11:25 PM: Well if you had come to the school’s concert last night, you’d know that the elder of the pair fainted and fell off the stage
Jay Gardner 11:27 PM: Oo, ouch. And I told you all I couldn’t come, I’m in Vancouver.
Ross Blackhall 11:31 PM: Excuses excuses
Ross Blackhall 11:32 PM: I checked on her in the infirmary, apparently she wasn’t getting enough sleep or eating right, but then I come back and find out from one of my prefects that this 7th year took the pieces of her violin that broke when she fell, yeah?
Ross Blackhall 11:33 PM: Get this, she threw them in the fire, only the strings are left
Jay Gardner 11:34 PM: Well that’s kind of fucked up
Ross Blackhall 11:35 PM: Even worse was it was a violin that her dad gave her, the dad who just died
Jay Gardner 11:36 PM: 1. How do you know all this? 2. You sound like a gossipy old man
Ross Blackhall 11:37 PM: 1. Said prefect told me. 2. Rude.
Jay Gardner 11:38 PM: What did you do about it?
Ross Blackhall 11:40 PM: I gave hr a couple detentions. She bitched, I didn’t care.
Ross Blackhall 11:41 PM: Now i think i know what I’m going to get Aelita for christmas though
Jay Gardner 11:43 PM: No, you wouldn’t
Ross Blackhall 11:45 PM: I mean, I’m not fucking using it
Jay Gardner 11:48 PM: It’s your hoarded shit man, I can’t tell you not to give it away to teenagers
Jay Gardner 11:49 PM: Well, I can, but I’m not going to.
Ross Blackhall 11:51 PM: Yeah, I’m going to go check and see that no one is about to set the house on fire, talk to you tomorrow.
Jay Gardner 11:53 PM: Night



The Sins Of Blood

Thursday 12/05/2250 – By Rebecca Green

Rhea limped all the way to the infirmary. Adrian nervously followed, keeping an arm around her and letting her keep most of her negligible body weight on him. He had been tempted to carry her entirely, but the profuse amount of blood made him hesitant. And he wasn’t about to swoop her up out of nowhere- she seemed quite determined to make it herself, only leaning on him as much as she had to.

Which was quite a bit. Her adrenaline was gone and the wound in her thigh was deep enough that she could barely walk, and it was only through her own stubbornness that she did.

Adrian reached forward to nudge the infirmary door open and the blue haired nurse was facing away from them, placing some pill bottles in a freezer bag and storing them in a locked cabinet. She turned toward them with a smile, which quickly disappeared as her eyes narrowed and she hurried toward them.

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