The Breaking Point

Sunday, 12/08/2250 – By Rebecca Green.


Like a flowing river, notes spilled from the hairs of her bow, each one fashioned by the tingle of strings that stretched the length of her fingerboard. Even as she played, the swan maiden would reach up and tighten or loosen the pegs that millimeter she could tell was off. Her song briefly halting for each change, but every few beats she did it again.

Aelita had always loved the violin. She poured her heart and soul into the instrument more often than not. She had been learning since she was three, piano a bit earlier. Of course simple stuff then, but quickly Aelita had grown used to playing proper pieces by the time she was seven, and it only had flourished from there. She’d been in the advanced symphony from the moment she became a third year, and first seat violin since fifth.

The wooden instrument meant everything to her and she was good at it, one of the best. She had to be. Her fingers were steady, her arm careful to contain the piece of art in her grasp. Dropping it would have to be her worst nightmare, Aelita couldn’t imagine losing it, not anymore. Not when her father had been the one to pick it out with her when she turned sixteen and had outgrown her last.

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Text: Dora to Aelita

Tues. 12/03/2250

Dora Santos 4:48 PM: Lita?
Dora Santos 4:51 PM: Lita please come back
Dora Santos 4:53 PM: I hate to see you upset
Dora Santos 4:58 PM: Aelita, don’t do this
Dora Santos 5:01 PM: We’re still best friends
Dora Santos 5:04 PM: Please answer me
Dora Santos 5:06 PM: I’m really worried about you
Dora Santos 5:09 PM: I’m sorry I don’t like you like that, I wish I did
Dora Santos 5:14 PM: You know the stuff I’ve been through
Dora Santos 5:16 PM: And, none of that kind of stuff sits well with me
Dora Santos 5:18 PM: I don’t know if I ever want to date anyone
Dora Santos 5:24 PM: It’s not you
Dora Santos 5:32 PM: Lita please come to dinner with me
Dora Santos 5:56 PM: Don’t make me go by myself
Dora Santos 6:29 PM: I can’t find you anywhere, I’m going to ask Blackhall for help
Dora Santos 8:32 PM: I’m going to run to the showers, do you ave your keys if you need to get back in?
Dora Santos 9:48 PM: I’m starting to drift off
Dora Santos 12:11 AM: Woke up, you’re still not here
Dora Santos 12:12 AM: The room feels empty
Dora Santos 12:13 AM: Come on, Lita, I know you’re still awake
Dora Santos 12:15 AM: I miss you

Page 23

Tuesday, 12/3/2250 – By Rebecca Green.

Aelita swallowed hard. Holding the envelope in a near crushing grip, the manilla stock paper bent underneath her fingers. Sitting on her bed, she stared at it. Debating with herself, she knew this was a stupid idea. She should stuff the envelope under her pillow until night came, and then burn it in the fireplace. Why would she subject herself to the humiliation? She might lose her best friend. But she couldn’t keep lying to herself, and to Dora. Not after she’d discovered this only a few days ago. When she had finally gotten her phone back and seen the danger Dora had been put in, her heart had beat so wildly. She couldn’t keep lying when she’d been so relieved to see the selkie again.

She’d known she was gay since fourth year, having briefly dated a boy and decided it was wrong and not what she wanted. That summer, she had her first girlfriend at orchestra camp. It had been jarring at first, as her grandmother was a devote Christian and disapproved whole heartedly, but Aelita’s mother and father had always stood between them as a buffer to let Aelita live as she wanted to. Grandma wasn’t as adamant about it anymore, at least.

Still, she’d never gone this far. Dora approved, but… This was different. She should stop now.

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Dancing Queen

Friday, 11/29/2250 – By Rebecca Green.

She raised her hands high, out and circled, as if resting on someone’s shoulders. Taking a step to the side, Aelita danced along the stage of the auditorium. Practicing, as it was. Everyday she did just this, at least half an hour of dance followed by an hour of violin, if not more. It was essential to her two favorite hobbies, and what she hoped to make of her life. Violin, anyway. Aelita knew that due to her condition, she could never practice her form of dance – ballet – intensely enough to truly become an expert. Until then, she’d make do with dancing for fun.

Right then, however, she wasn’t dancing for herself. Instead, she was slowly choreographing the dance that she’d have the librarian dance for his little crush once the time came. He’d seemed hesitant and technically he hadn’t entirely agreed to do this, but Aelita was certain she could convince him. Besides, after the chaos of the day before, Aelita very much appreciated the distraction that the dance provided.

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Glass Box

Thurs. 11/28/2250 – By Rebecca Green.

Was she going to get frostbite? It certainly was freezing and Aelita regretted her act of heroism. The blizzard was only getting worse, but she pushed on through the wind and snow, it wasn’t as if it was a terribly far walk. She’d stolen Dora’s jacket to tug over her own coat atop a dual layer of shirts, so she’d survive at least.

She simply hadn’t wanted to abandon the Eagle’s House. God knew that they were likely to be getting into trouble and she couldn’t be sure that they had another prefect there. Blackhall, of course, was not to be trusted with her preciously aggravating babies. On her way, Aelita nearly kicked a small, very adorable, tan creature with the biggest ears she’d ever seen.

Nearly, anyway, as she managed to see the thing just in time and she stumbled forward, almost face planting in the snow as she tried to maneuver around it. A fox, as she could see- but one of those weird ones. A fennec fox? That sounded about right, but those were desert creatures. Not blistering cold blizzard creatures.

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Text: Dora on mySpell Part 1

Thur. 11/28/2250

Dora Santos 4:34 PM: Had a great Thanksgiving dinner with the Strongwind Family! Yum!
Leah Santos Replies at 4:50 PM: Happy Thanksgiving! Glad you enjoyed yourself, take the weekend to relax xoxo
Nikaia Smith Replies at 10:16 PM: You fucking jinxed it.
Dora Santos 4:52 PM: Hey, we’re getting some heavy snow, so I’m going to hole up in the library and study for finals, anyone who wants to join is welcome!
Sparky Keese Replies at 4:58 PM: Aye, I’ll come and brings some blankets and hot chocolate, I’m sure the dining hall still has some. Do you need anything before I leave the dorm?
Dora Santos Replies at 5:00 PM: Um, I don’t think so, I have my index cards and textbooks and binder and stuff. Can you bring a phone charger?? I have an android
Sparky Keese Replies at 5:01 PM: Yeah, same, be there in a sec
Cleo Sommerfield Replies at 5:05 PM: Androids are for lil bitches ;D
Dora Santos Replies at 5:09 PM: Guess I’m a little bitch then XD
Dora Santos 5:32 PM: Tagged with Sparky Keese and Aelita Rede. Sparky and Aelita came back, Sparky brought some hot cocoa and blankets 😀
Miska Erdos Replies at 5:35 PM: Is there more in the dining hall???
Sparky Keese Replies at 5:38 PM: Yeah
Dora Santos 7:05 PM: Tagged with Aelita Rede. [Image of heavy snow fall] Aelita realized we shouldn’t leave the Eagle house unattended and is wading her way back through the snow. Gonna wait for it to calm down before leaving.
Miska Erdos Replies at 7:08 PM: She gonna die man, we’ll need a new prefect
Dora Santos Replies at 7:09 PM: Pfft, no
Ian Santos Replies at 7:09 PM: Ha, Aelita is like, unkillable I swear
Miska Erdos Replies at 7:11 PM: Whatever happens don’t let Blackhall make Rayden the new prefect, she’ll kill us all
Aelita Rede Replies at 7:17 PM: I’m still alive, BTW. Time to fix whatever damage they managed while we were alone. Poor Teagan was alone here.
Dora Santos Replies at 7:20 PM: Aw, where was Camilla and Reid?
Aelita Rede Replies at 7:24 PM: Idk, Camilla went to the University Building, dunno about Reid.
Dora Santos 7:12 PM: Ugh, it’s still coming down. We might have to take these pillows and make a fort or something idk.
Ian Santos Replies at 7:18 PM: Stay safe, Ramadin, Tamarin and I are trapped at the pub in town.
Dora Santos 7:21 PM: Tagged with Sparky Keese, Allison Ash, Miska Erdos, Koda Mordivnov, Nikaia Smith. Mission success, fort of chairs, tables, pillows and blankets in the Atrium.
Ian Santos Replies at 7:22 PM: Ha, nice, post a picture of it
Nikaia Smith 7:25 PM: [Image of fort in the atrium]
Dora Santos 7:30 PM: We can hear howling, sounds like it’s coming from in the building, but idk, I think the rooms they lock the wereanimals up in is in the basement?
Nikaia Smith Replies at 7:32 PM: Spoopy.
Allison Ash Replies at 7:35 PM: We should probably move. They’re getting closer, and my phone says it’s the full moon.
Ian Santos Replies at 7:46 PM: Wgeres teh staf??? Dont die I awear to god Im heding over now


7th Year Literature

Tues. 11/26/2250 – By Rebecca Green.

Already the class had dissolved into chaos, but Hermes Gryph could expect little more from the seventh year literature class. His lessons weren’t too difficult, they were the same year to year and the students had known about this particular project for awhile. It was his most infamous, as it required students to pick a scene written by an assigned author or director, and recreate it while providing an essay on its importance and literary elements. Authors weren’t necessarily picked for being good, or particularly difficult, but rather on their influence and audience. Some students loved it, some went overboard just for the hell of it, and some hated every second.

Today, he wasn’t quite sure which was which.

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