Moonlight Threat

Thursday, 11/28/2250 – By Kayla Salmon.

The Headmaster, Rodney Murdoch, usually stayed on campus for some of the major family holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, and while most of the Murdoch family who was not in attendance at the Academy would come to see him during Winter Break, Thanksgiving was usually more up in the air. Will was very close with the older man and as such almost always stayed over the extended weekend while his cousins went home to see the rest of the family. Most of them lived in Chicago, but a few lived in the towns close by, or in the suburban areas outside of the city.

And Thanksgiving at the campus wasn’t such a bad thing. A decent amount of students stayed at the school during the extended weekend, not wanting to travel home, only to have to travel out again a few weeks later when the end of the semester came. And the dining hall always gave them a grand dinner, just as good as any home cooked meal, as always.

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7th Year Literature

Tues. 11/26/2250 – By Rebecca Green.

Already the class had dissolved into chaos, but Hermes Gryph could expect little more from the seventh year literature class. His lessons weren’t too difficult, they were the same year to year and the students had known about this particular project for awhile. It was his most infamous, as it required students to pick a scene written by an assigned author or director, and recreate it while providing an essay on its importance and literary elements. Authors weren’t necessarily picked for being good, or particularly difficult, but rather on their influence and audience. Some students loved it, some went overboard just for the hell of it, and some hated every second.

Today, he wasn’t quite sure which was which.

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We’ve Had a Bad Day

Fri. 11/22/2250 – By Kayla Salmon.

It was definitely upsetting that his brother didn’t want him to come to the hospital, but he did understand a bit. He grunted as he punched the bag in the gym again. Ever since the curse and their mother dying, his older brother had always been protective of him. It had gotten even worse when their father had been diagnosed with cancer, the kind that had progressed too far for any surgery or medicine to help, magical or otherwise. But they were supposed to have time, a year or two even.

The stand of the punching bag finally gave way and tumbled over, despite its reinforced frame. He stood there, huffing as he stared at the fallen bag, the bruises showing on his hands. He’d managed to resist running all the way to the hospital in town, mostly because he knew some part of what the Headmaster had said was right. He didn’t know if he could handle seeing his dad…dead. Not his father any more, just some corpse that would be burned to ash soon. He’d never see his dad again, never hear his laughter or praise, like when Reid had been made a prefect.

“What the fuck, Reid?” came a voice and he turned to look at the entrance to the gym. His fellow Eagles prefect, Aelita Rede, was standing in the entrance. “You’re about to fall over and the bag is dead, good job, you killed it. Cut it out.”

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Two Times the Charm

Fri. 11/22/2250 – By Kayla Salmon.


When he’d received the phone call that morning from Lucielle Rede, the mother of Aelita and Gwen Rede, he figured the day had already gone to Hell and that it couldn’t get much worse, however he was proven very wrong. He then received another call shortly after lunch from one of the students at the University.

Brandon Firewolf was a freshman and he and his brother, Reid, had been attending Strongwind since their first years. They’d experienced the loss of their mother in their younger years, and just recently had found out that their father had been diagnosed with cancer. His health had been on the steady decline, but had seemed to have leveled off. Unfortunately, it didn’t last. Brandon had received the call from the hospital about a sudden turn for the worst and had been able to be there at the time of his passing. He then called and asked the headmaster if he would be able to inform his brother, who was still in class, about their father’s passing, given Brandon had to handle everything at the hospital. Of course, Rodney readily agreed.

Not that he was pleased about having to tell the student, but he understood why Brandon wanted his brother to know sooner rather than later. Instead of calling to Reid’s class on the intercom he walked to the history classroom. His cane tapped on the tiled floor, the only other noise being the echo of students and teachers chattering behind their doors. He gently twisted the doorknob and slowly opened the door, interrupting the newest member of the Strongwind staff.

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Waiting For Class

Mon. 11/11/2250 – By Rebecca Green.


If the mermaid had her way, Rhea would have never escaped Ourani’s clutches. She meant well, but Rhea couldn’t stay holed up in the infirmary for more than a day, and it had been all weekend. For once in her life she was very thankful for Monday and the ability to insist on her release because she had a class to teach. Which, in itself, was still quite aggravating. The crutches that she bore tucked under her arm hindered her movement and the pain that erupted each time she tried to put weight on her leg meant that she wasn’t going to be able to teach her body-dependent defense classes very well for a week or two.

Rhea huffed as she reached the door, a thick binder that she had spent most of her time organizing tucked under her arm. She hadn’t used it much since she started teaching just over four years ago, but now was a time that called for the many worksheets and papers she could give the kids. She could still have them spar for practice, but they needed instruction first.

It was a bit of a struggle as she bent her elbow out and stretched up on her good foot to try and turn the knob, but before she managed it a voice came from behind her.

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The Eagle House

Sat. 11/9/2250 – By Kayla Salmon.


Any thoughts that his transition from living with the Gardner-Harper clan to living on the Academy’s campus would be painless had been dashed. Apparently word had spread quickly, because when he approached the brick house that belonged to the Eagles there were students on the lawns in front of the other houses, trying to catch sight of him. To a certain extent he didn’t mind, simply because he was used to children and adolescents and their antics, having been the Gardner-Harper clan’s official babysitter for centuries. However, the damage to his master’s beautiful McLaren, along with being thrown up on and then punched, had put him in a more sour mood. He also didn’t appreciate Jay not telling him that he’d be in charge of one of the academy’s houses.

Hauling the two suitcases into the dormitory, he ignored the students on the lawn and the porch that he passed by, opening the door, only to be confronted by the sight of the common room stuffed full of students, from younger to older, some sitting on the stairs, others peering through an archway connecting the common room to the hall. There were some tables that were occupied as well and the demon rolled his eyes in annoyance, but the first thing that had caught his attention was that one girl. It was the blonde teenager from the front of the school, the one who had shrieked at him and then at the headmaster. She held a violin aloft, the notes of a Christmas song tapering off as she stopped, turning to openly glare in his direction.

The silence echoed before a chorus of voices started and the demon blinked in surprise, staring at them as voices bombarded him.

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