The Sins Of Blood

Thursday 12/05/2250 – By Rebecca Green

Rhea limped all the way to the infirmary. Adrian nervously followed, keeping an arm around her and letting her keep most of her negligible body weight on him. He had been tempted to carry her entirely, but the profuse amount of blood made him hesitant. And he wasn’t about to swoop her up out of nowhere- she seemed quite determined to make it herself, only leaning on him as much as she had to.

Which was quite a bit. Her adrenaline was gone and the wound in her thigh was deep enough that she could barely walk, and it was only through her own stubbornness that she did.

Adrian reached forward to nudge the infirmary door open and the blue haired nurse was facing away from them, placing some pill bottles in a freezer bag and storing them in a locked cabinet. She turned toward them with a smile, which quickly disappeared as her eyes narrowed and she hurried toward them.

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Text: Ourani to the Staff

Fri. 11/22/2250

Adrian Calver, Ari Sommerfield, Biric Sommerfield, Elyon Tyrell, Hakidonmuya, Hermes Gryph, Isabelle Marquart, Ismisis Zydrate, Jeltima Gatei, Karina Smith, Lana Kassem, Lennox Beaumont, Levi Matutina, Magnus Chen, Marius Vann, Max Vinci, Rhea Vander, Rodney Murdoch, Ross Blackhall, Raxedithe Coveticus, Seren Azarys, and Wynona Grace have been added to the group.
Ourani J’Dvouir 4:15 PM: Babes what’re u all doing this week? Can’t leave the campus entirely devoid of responsible people.
Ismisis Zydrate 4:16 PM: I’ll b around. freezing my ass off.
Ourani J’Dvouir 4:17 PM: You don’t count
Rodney Murdoch 4:17 PM: I will be on campus, Ourani
Jeltima Gatei 4:20 PM: I’ll have cookies at my house if anyone gets a hunger over the break.
Max Vinci 4:22 PM: Pretty sure that’s something inappropriate but idk so i’m just gonna stay out of it
Max Vinci 4:26 PM: Levi and I are taking Eolande to New York for the week, so we’ll be gone. All of you crazies take care
Rhea Vander 4:28 PM: Raxon still not back for those cookies?
Jeltima Gatei 4:30 PM: No, his father is still having medical issues.
Ourani J’Dvouir 4:35 PM: Give Eo love from me for thanskgiving, max!
Max Vinci 4:36 PM: I will
Biric Sommerfield 4:39 PM: I too will be home for the week. It’s just Chicago though, so if you need any back up, give me a ring.
Hakidonmuya 4:43 PM: ouani come over here now and show me how to stop thse notifications.
Marius Vann 4:45 PM: As always, I will be here. Now if you don’t mind I have a lab to clean.
Marius Vann has left the group.
Elyon Tyrell 4:49 PM: I will be home with family, but the University students are adults so I’m not too worried about them…
Elyon Tyrell 4:50 PM ….Mostly…
Elyron Tyrell has left the group.
Lana Kassem 4:51 PM: Unfortunately I can’t stay this time, I’ll be heading home, everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Isabella Marquart 4:52 PM: I’ll be home for Thursday and Friday, but I’ll be back Saturday
Isabelle Marquart and Lana Kassem have left the group.
Max Vinci 4:54 PM Holy crap my phone is exploding, I’m out.
Birc Sommerfield and Max Vinci have left the group.
Ari Sommerfield 4:57 PM: I’ll be home with Biric, but I’ll probably come home on Saturday at the latest.
Ari Sommerfield has left the group.
Rhea Vander 5:01 PM: I guess I’ll stick around then, someone has to keep this place from blowing up.
Hermes Gryph 5:02 PM: I’ll be heading to Bulgaria for the break, I plan to leave right after classes on Tuesday.
Hermes Gryph has left the group.
Karina Smith 5:02 PM: I’m staying. Making cookies too, and I’m like 99% sure they’ll be better than Jetil’s. 🙂
Jeltima Gatei 5:03 PM: I smell a challenge.
Raxedithe Coveticus 5:05 PM: Didn’t you burn them last time?
Jeltima Gatei 5:06 PM: I’ve been practicing
Karina Smith 5:07 PM: There’ll be another burn in the near future, too
Adrian Calver 5:07 PM: Staying. Now if you’ll excuse me, I was in the middle of something and this is distracting me.
Ismisis Zydrate 5:07 PM: Aw don’t leave me so soon bookworm 😦 it pays to smile once in awhile
Adrian Calver 5:08 PM: Please don’t refer to me as a bookworm. And I smile plenty, I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Ismisis Zydrate 5:09 PM: A real smiler would love being called bookworm, it’s a pet name, which I’m sure you’ll be getting use to soon enough 😉
Adrian Calver 5:09 PM: I am not about to get drawn into one of your juvenile debates; I’ll see you around
Ourani J’Dvouir 5:10 PM: I heard that Bookworm’s got a little crush
Hakidonmuya 5:12 PM: ourani or ismisis please come fix my phone
Adrian Calver 5:12 PM: I do not have a crush, i don’t know what you’re talking about
Ismisis Zydrate 5:15 PM: Miss.  Vanerjakjfsandgknsdkdj
Ismisis Zydrate has left the group.
Karina Smith 5:15 PM: Awww he left? It was just getting good! And Haki, I’ll help you if the others won’t.
Hakidonmuya has left the group.
Ourani J’Dvouir 5:16 PM: So how ‘bout it Adrian? I’ve heard letting out ur troubles does wonders for ur skin.
Adrian Calver 5:16 PM: No thanks.
Ourani J’Dvouir 5:18 PM: I’m sure I could set you up if you asked nicely 😉
Adrian Calver 5:19 PM: No- I’m good, thanks, and I think I’m just gonna go because you won’t drop it and I still don’t know what you’re all going on about
Adrian Calver has left the group
Karina Smith 5:20 PM: The denial is strong with that one.
Karina Smith 5:20 PM: Or maybe his glasses aren’t strong enough- poor blind man.
Rhea Vander 5:21 PM: you are all so insufferable
Rhea Vander has left the group.
Ourani J’Dvouir 5:23 PM: oh they’re hilariois. Id say we should set them up but its too fun to watch
Karina Smith 5:24 PM: Too right. So back to plans; what are you doing this year?
Ourani J’Dvouir 5:25 PM: Well this campus cant survive without me, so ill be here. Sister might be visiting though.
Karina Smith 5:27 PM: You mean you’re not tempted to take off, just to see if we can make it a day without your awesome nursing skills?
Ourani J’Dvouir 5:30 PM: maybe just for Thanksgiving day, can you all survive that long?
Karina Smith 5:30 PM: Absolutely! I’ll keep an eye on them in your absence.
Levi Matutina 5:32 PM: Did we just witness Professor Vander taking out Professor Zydrate?
Levi Matutina 5:33 PM: Is that allowed???
Karina Smith 5:34 PM: Allowed or not, it happened. Lighten up, new guy, and roll with it.
Ourani J’Dvouir 5:35 PM: Oh she definitely did. Probably stole his phone, they were hanging out when he started to tease her boyfriend.
Jeltima Gatei 5:38 PM: I don’t think they’re together officially
Ourani J’Dvouir 5:40 PM: Not yet
Jeltima Gatei 5:41 PM: Well  while you’re playing matchmaker, I’m going to go get my cookies ready to beat Karina
Jeltima Gatei has left the group.
Karina Smith 5:46 PM: Bring it, Gatei
Karina Smith 5:46 PM: Oh, damn, he left
Karina Smith 5:57 PM: I should go, then- gotta make my cookies for this challenge Jetil so foolishly started.
Magnus Chen 6:00 PM: I’m going back home to see my mom.
Karina Smith and Magnus Chen have left the group.
Seren Azarys 6:01 PM: I’m staying here, you guys talk a lot. I’m out.
Seren Azaryz has left the group.
Lennox Beaumont 6:03 PM: Staying here too, no plans. Going to leave as well.
Lennox Beaumont has left the group.
Ourani J’Dvouir 6:05 PM: Oh boo, everyone’s leaving.
Ross Blackhall 6:18 PM: I’m going to pop out to the Gardner’s place around dinner, but then I’ll be right back for the rest of the weekend. If Kassem is leaving, who’s watching the Ravens??
Ourani J’Dvouir 6:20 PM: I volunteer Marius one sec
Marius Vann has joined the group.
Marius Vann 6:22 PM: Why did I get added back in???
Marius Vann 6:23 PM: Oh, I see. Luckily the Ravens are a relatively quiet bunch. I can poke my head in a couple times to check on them.
Ross Blackhall 6:24 PM: Sweet, cause I already have the Eagles and that’s time consuming enough on its own
Ross Blackhall has left the group.
Marius Vann 6:26 PM: If that’s all, I’ll be going again.
Marius Vann has left the group.
Rodney Murdoch 6:29 PM: I think that accounts for everyone. Remember, the rest of our chefs will be serving a marvelous Thanksgiving dinner for the students and staff who are still on campus
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Two Times the Charm

Fri. 11/22/2250 – By Kayla Salmon.


When he’d received the phone call that morning from Lucielle Rede, the mother of Aelita and Gwen Rede, he figured the day had already gone to Hell and that it couldn’t get much worse, however he was proven very wrong. He then received another call shortly after lunch from one of the students at the University.

Brandon Firewolf was a freshman and he and his brother, Reid, had been attending Strongwind since their first years. They’d experienced the loss of their mother in their younger years, and just recently had found out that their father had been diagnosed with cancer. His health had been on the steady decline, but had seemed to have leveled off. Unfortunately, it didn’t last. Brandon had received the call from the hospital about a sudden turn for the worst and had been able to be there at the time of his passing. He then called and asked the headmaster if he would be able to inform his brother, who was still in class, about their father’s passing, given Brandon had to handle everything at the hospital. Of course, Rodney readily agreed.

Not that he was pleased about having to tell the student, but he understood why Brandon wanted his brother to know sooner rather than later. Instead of calling to Reid’s class on the intercom he walked to the history classroom. His cane tapped on the tiled floor, the only other noise being the echo of students and teachers chattering behind their doors. He gently twisted the doorknob and slowly opened the door, interrupting the newest member of the Strongwind staff.

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Just Thinking

Thurs. 11/14/2250 – By Nichole Adams.

It was late afternoon on a Thursday, the week nearly over and the weekend fast approaching. The upcoming winter holidays were leading to a sort of expectation in the air, but just then, it was work as usual.  The weather was cold, even more than usual for that time of year, requiring a few extra layers of clothing even for those who enjoyed the cold. But the sun shone and the sky was cloudless, despite the coating of snow on the ground.

Off to one side of the Primary Building was the staff housing, several roads of cottages with modest yards and small garages or carports. Sitting on one of the covered porches was a familiar figure; the tall and lanky form of the librarian sat lounging in a porch swing, his feet braced on the floor and rocking a bit back and forth. A book lay next to him on the cushion, closed, with a bookmark sticking out from the top. As he sat in the cold, he wore a comfortable tan jacket layered over his shirt to keep him warm. He was gazing at the sinking sun, his hands in his lap as he enjoyed the quiet of the moment, wrapped up in thoughts of the past couple of days.

The demon had caused quite the stir and the single encounter with the man had Adrian trying to make sense of everything that had happened since. He had never been one for violence just for the sake of violence and that made his reaction to Ross all the more confusing.

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The Infirmary

Sat. 11/9/2250 – By Rebecca Green.


Inside the void, she was elsewhere. Stuck sniffling in her bed and crying in the woods. Another would feel embarrassment, anger, or even just annoyance towards the man for pulling her through the void, but Rhea could hardly spare a single emotion or thought for him as she squeezed her eyes shut. The sound of students and staff alike filtered through the fog in her mind, some of which she’d managed a reply to, but she really just wanted to lay down.

She felt small. Not physically, she hadn’t felt small for years- having long since come to terms with her stature and height. Instead, she felt weak and helpless, lost in the woods. The bright light was that of the sun as she awoke. A face behind her eyelids that had disappeared as the moon rose, leaving her, but one she knew very well, despite having not seen it for nearly four decades. A face accompanied by the scraping of bone against wood, a sharpened point screeching against her little plastic table and hand roughly holding her still as he uttered incantations that would leave her cursed for the rest of her life.

It kept flashing in front of her and Rhea cringed into the body carrying her. Calver, she recognized dimly. It would have been humiliating if she could focus. She had not had a panic attack like this, making her breath catch halfway up her throat and preventing her from escaping the contents of her own mind, in years. Hadn’t had a full blown attack in at least twenty years, barring the fairly rare occasion that she’d awake in a cold sweat at night and be forced to get up and go running, hard and long, as her only respite.

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First Impressions

Sat. 11/9/2250 – By Rebecca Green.


The black sports car pulled up to the curb and just missed the exuberant fifth year, Cleo Sommerfield, who was beating a much less enthusiastic fourth year, Leslie Marksen, with a rolled up jacket. Its owner, fifth year Teagan Dunn, scrambled after her in a frenzy. Cleo’s younger sister, Desiree, laid cackling on the ground, seemingly immune to the layer of snow beneath her thick coat.

“Stop screwing around, Sommerfield!” barked a small redhead clad in a long black trench coat, belt tight around her waist. She eyed them with suspicion over the small pile of textbooks she carried.  A white-haired librarian trailed behind her, weakly trying to take the books as she approached. “You’re going to give Marksen whiplash, I’m not filling out any more paperwork to parents!”

She was met only with a grin and a wave from Cleo. Leslie looked up with nothing less than horror on his face. “Who’s that?” His voice rose high in a shaky whine as he picked his head up from where he lay in the snow, staring wide-eyed at the car and the man emerging from the driver’s seat.

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