Text: Ross to Jay

Saturday, 12/15/2250

Ross Blackhall 11:08 PM: This place is a fucking mess
Jay Gardner 11:12 PM: Why is it that the only time you message me is to complain?
Ross Blackhall 11:15 PM: Oh, I’m sorry Jay, do you need love and affection and cuddle time with Ross?
Jay Gardner 11:16 PM: Shut up and tell me what’s going on, god knows none of the kids do.
Ross Blackhall 11:17 PM: You’re their grandfather, not their father, you know, they’re not all going to text you at once when something happens
Jay Gardner 11:17 PM: Yeah? But what about their parents who are my kids. Or my nieces and nephews or cousins?
Ross Blackhall 11:19 PM: Anyways, I told you about those Rede girls, yeah?
Jay Gardner 11:21 PM: Yeah, what about them?
Ross Blackhall 11:25 PM: Well if you had come to the school’s concert last night, you’d know that the elder of the pair fainted and fell off the stage
Jay Gardner 11:27 PM: Oo, ouch. And I told you all I couldn’t come, I’m in Vancouver.
Ross Blackhall 11:31 PM: Excuses excuses
Ross Blackhall 11:32 PM: I checked on her in the infirmary, apparently she wasn’t getting enough sleep or eating right, but then I come back and find out from one of my prefects that this 7th year took the pieces of her violin that broke when she fell, yeah?
Ross Blackhall 11:33 PM: Get this, she threw them in the fire, only the strings are left
Jay Gardner 11:34 PM: Well that’s kind of fucked up
Ross Blackhall 11:35 PM: Even worse was it was a violin that her dad gave her, the dad who just died
Jay Gardner 11:36 PM: 1. How do you know all this? 2. You sound like a gossipy old man
Ross Blackhall 11:37 PM: 1. Said prefect told me. 2. Rude.
Jay Gardner 11:38 PM: What did you do about it?
Ross Blackhall 11:40 PM: I gave hr a couple detentions. She bitched, I didn’t care.
Ross Blackhall 11:41 PM: Now i think i know what I’m going to get Aelita for christmas though
Jay Gardner 11:43 PM: No, you wouldn’t
Ross Blackhall 11:45 PM: I mean, I’m not fucking using it
Jay Gardner 11:48 PM: It’s your hoarded shit man, I can’t tell you not to give it away to teenagers
Jay Gardner 11:49 PM: Well, I can, but I’m not going to.
Ross Blackhall 11:51 PM: Yeah, I’m going to go check and see that no one is about to set the house on fire, talk to you tomorrow.
Jay Gardner 11:53 PM: Night



Set Them Ablaze

Tues. 12/10/2250 – By Rebecca Green

The day wasn’t going well. Neither was the week, or the month. Everything was kind of just shitty and falling apart, and failing her fifth German test was not helping at all, especially when the professor decided it would be a good idea to try and bring up her Dad and everything that was going on. Why couldn’t anyone see she just wanted to be left alone? She didn’t want to talk about it. She didn’t want to answer questions, she wanted everyone to mind their own damn business and stay the hell out of hers.

Especially when she was actually bothering to show up to her classes. Gwen knew her sister had been skipping almost every class since the whole blizzard incident and it made her a bit smug. Aelita had always been their mother’s favorite and that she wasn’t keeping her shit together made Gwen just the tiniest bit pleased. A couple months prior she would have cared or been worried about her older sister, but since their father had died, she just felt numb.

Once her and Aelita had been close, but at least Aelita had the admiration of their mother. Gwen never had that. She always looked downon Gwen, thought she should do better in school, get better at the viola, or any musical instrument, or that her art should be more “masterful”, whatever that meant. Her dad, however, had praised her and commented on her art and promised her that she didn’t need to be musically inclined. He helped her try and work out study habits instead of just staring down his nose at her.

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Text: Ross to Jay

Sat. 12/7/2251

Ross Blackhall 8:37 AM: So, you’ll never guess who I ran into last weekend.
Jay Gardner 8:56 AM: Who?
Ross Blackhall 9:30 AM: You know, a certain man. Typically blonde hair, blue eyes. Hella powerful. Goes by the name Levi.
Jay Gardner 10:03 AM: What?
Jay Gardner 10:05 AM: What’s he doing there???
Ross Blackhall 10:07 AM: Apparently Uriel asked him to hang around. He’s teaching magic.
Ross Blackhall 10:08 AM: I’m kind of surprised that you didn’t hear his name from any of the kids, to be honest.
Jay Gardner 10:10 AM: No, I didn’t, they mentioned a new magic professor, but not a name
Jay Gardner 10:11 AM: Does Rodney know who he is???
Ross Blackhall 10:20 AM: Apparently not, Levi asked me not to say anything to him.
Ross Blackhall 10:21 AM: But you’re not Rodney, and I can’t really ask the guy who owns my soul to not say something.
Jay Gardner 10:24 AM: Look at you being devious and beating the system.
Ross Blackhall 10:25 AM: Hell yeah
Ross Blackhall 10:27 AM: Though I do highly recommend not saying anything. If Uriel asked him to be here, then it might not be smart to piss off an archangel.
Jay Gardner 10:29 AM: There hasn’t been any problems, has there?
Ross Blackhall 10:31 AM: No, but I saw him and almost had a panic attack.
Jay Gardner 10:35 AM: Ross, seriously, I know he’s fond of you and our family, but do you actually trust him? Especially around kids? You’ve said before, he’s like a tank, what if he snaps and hurts someone?
Ross Blackhall 10:37 AM: I’ve never really seen him snap is the thing, he seems to have pretty good patience, which you’d need given everything.
Jay Gardner 10:42 AM: Can you please keep an eye on him, just in case
Jay Gardner 10:43 AM: And of course if the media finds out it’ll be a shit storm over there, Uriel’s making it bad enough, but given the time she almost threw a newscaster off the roof, they’ve been hanging back
Ross Blackhall 10:47 AM: At this point I’m kind of keeping an eye on EVERYTHING
Jay Gardner 10:49 AM: Okay, keep me posted


Music Calms The Beast

Wednesday, 12/4/2250 – By Kayla Salmon

The thing about the Eagle House was that there was always something going on. And sometimes that was a good thing, but when you had a headache, it wasn’t always great. Noklie sat in the porch swing, his legs curled up to his chest and he tapped his fingers on his knees.

The headache was from the voices. Two voices, given what he was. In his normal form he had three heads and each of those heads had their own thoughts and desires, even personalities. When they were in human form the three of them were all smushed together and he, the middle and main head, was left listening to them.

We need to do something, one of the voices yelled. Sniff, smell, run, transform and run, everyone else does!

“Please, just shut up and leave me alone,” Noklie muttered, begging the voices to stop and be quiet.

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Saturday, 11/30/2250 – By Kayla Salmon.

He’d done and seen a lot of stupid and weird shit in his lifetime. He was a demon, and it was a long lifetime, and lots of people had filtered through it. His most insane claim to fame would forever be the time the first head of the Gardner family basically forced him to take him through Hell, and then went and fought off a fallen angel.

Since he’d come to the academy, Adrian Gardner’s little stunt was sounding less and less crazy. So far he’d been assaulted on two different occasions by one little angry woman, had erotic fanfiction written about him and two of the staff, and had to help one of the students who had been taped to the wall. Yes. Taped, to the wall. Not to mention the insanity that had happened a couple days before when Vander and Calver, both werewolves, as it turned out, and Reid Firewolf, one of his students, had all missed out on the lock up time for the full moon and had ended up attacking the people in the buildings they were in. Not only had he had to fend off two werewolves from the group of students before herding them into a classroom, but then he’d had to help keep Reid contained in a bathroom that one of the other students had trapped him inside of. At least it was only until morning.

But this, this took the fucking cake. Since the insanity of the werewolf escapades on Thanksgiving, most of the staff were returning as early as possible, and that included a specific Magic Professor he’d yet to have the pleasure of being introduced to.

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Well, This Is Awkward

Friday, 11/29/2250 – By Rebecca Green.

Rhea hurt all over; that was the first thing she noticed. The floor beneath her was freezing, but that was normal. Every time the full moon rose, she would awake with goosebumps all over her skin, sore from the shift and perhaps even a couple cuts around her lips from the attack she posed on any furniture she set in the room to keep her other form occupied. Today was different, she ached everywhere on a scale she never had before from a mere shift. She could tell her collarbone would be black and purple just from the feeling and her face felt like she’d been run against a cheese grater.

The second thing she noticed was the warmth against her back. Something was pressed against her. Skin and there was one arm draped around her. Rhea jumped violently, jerking away and clammering to her feet, ignoring the pain. She’d done much more, under much more pain. Her eyes were wide as she instinctively covered her bare chest- naked as per usual after each shift, and she gave a laugh of astonishment and disbelief at what she saw.

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Text: Ross to Jay

Fri. 11/29/2250

Ross Blackhall 9:21 AM: I’m starting to think you want me dead
Ross Blackhall 9:23 AM: FIrst Vander attacked me, then she attacked me a second time
Ross Blackhall 9:24 AM: And the whole thing where a certain student stole my cross
Ross Blackhall 9:26 AM: And now, there’s fuckign werewolves runnign around, attacking students
Jay Gardner 9:36 AM: Wait what, werewolves???
Jay Gardner 9:37 AM: They have rooms in the basements that they get locked up in
Ross Blackhall 9:38 AM: Well they didn’t get locked up last night
Ross Blackhall 9:39 AM: Some of the students almost became puppy chow
Jay Gardner 9:40 AM: Is everyone alright?
Ross Blackhall 9:42 AM: As well as can be
Ross Blackhall 9:43 AM: You owe me so big for this, you have no idea
Jay Gardner 9:45 AM: What happened last night, exactly?
Ross Blackhall 9:51 AM: There was a huge blizzard and apparently everyone but me and that fallen angel on campus got stuck in their respective places cause white out conditions. There were some students hanging out int he primary building and two of the werewolves got stuck in there with them, and anoher got stuck in the uni dorm with two students.
Ross Blackhall 9:53 AM: I heard the howls so i got to the primary building in time, and me and the fallen managed to wrangle them into the padded rooms. I poofed over to check on the other building and found these two uni students holed up and apparently one of them had managed to get the other werewolf into a bathroom and barricaded the door with ice and snow and frozen furniture
Ross Blackhall 9:57 AM: If this shit is normal, I have a hard time believing you let all fo the Gardner Harper kids come here.
Jay Gardner 10:01 AM: I don’t think anything like this has happened, at least not to my knowledge
Jay Gardner 10:03 AM: Besides, it’s a good hands on learning eperience, dealing with these sorts of things
Ross Blackhall 10:05 AM: You have got to be kidding me
Jay Gardner 10:07 AM: Actually, I am not
Ross Blackhall 10:08 AM: That’s harsh man
Jay Gardner 10:10 AM: The world is a harsh place
Ross Blackhall 10:11 AM: Stfu, i’ll talk to you later